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gold mining stocks a good investment

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Abcourt Mines Inc. (TSX-V: ABI, Berlin: AML-BE and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges: AML-FF) (“Abcourt” or the “Mines Abcourt inc.) announces the results of a surface drilling program completed in the Fall of 2018. Twenty-one holes totaling 4,835 meters were drilled on different properties. Several good values were obtained. See below: Discovery Project: The property covers the Cameron deformation corridor in the western extension of the Flordin property held 100% by Abcourt and the Cameron Shear, held 50% by Jien Canada Mining Ltd and 50% by Abcourt Mines inc., as Mines Aurbec inc. had earned 50% in this property before going bankrupt. Abcourt purchased all the assets of Mines Aurbec inc., including its interest in the Cameron Shear property. The objective of the 2018 drilling program was to outline extensions to some of the best gold intersections obtained in the NAP Québec drilling campaigns of 2010 and 2011. Twelve (12) NQ holes, for a total of 2,757 meters were drilled between sections 400W and 1470E, covering zones “B” and “30”. The Discovery property is located 35 km to the north-west of the Lebel-sur-Quévillon municipality, Quebec, Canada. It is located on the SNRC 32F/06 map and straddle the Desjardins and Bruneau townships border line. The property is located on the Lac Simon Algonquin land of category III. It is owned 100% by Mines Abcourt Inc. It consists in 83 mining titles (CDC) totaling 4,165.7 hectares. Several drilling programs were done and mineral resources were calculated in the past, but as several additional holes were drilled after the calculation of resources, Abcourt does not believe that these resources are suitable for disclosure


The table below shows the best results obtained in the 2018 drilling campaign. The length of the intersections in the core do not represent the true width of the zone. The true width of veins is about half the core length. These intersections are not all connected with zone B. Some may be in parallel zones.


 Hole No. From To (m) Au (g/t) Targeted zone D18-215 121.10 122.10 1.00 2.06 30 - 600 E D18-217 151.30 152.30 1.00 2.10 30 - 1200 E D18-218 75.65 78.45 2.80 4.37 30 - 1200 E D18-223 399.15 401.00 1.85 5.29 B - 30 E " 414.10 416.25 2.15 5.90 B - 30 E D18-224 162.40 165.85 3.45 6.35 B - 30 E " 200.00 202.00 2.00 38.20 B - 30 E " 200.00 201.00 1.00 76.00 B - 30 E 


The gold mineralization on the Discovery property is found in veins. It is made up of 1 to 5% pyrrhotite and pyrite associated with quartz-ankerite. Walls are sometimes albitized and silicified. The sulfides are disseminated or injected in irregular or tension fractures.


Flordin project The Flordin property consists in twenty-five (25) mining titles in the Desjardins and Franquet townships located about 40 km to the north of the Lebel-sur-Quévillon municipality. There is no royalty to pay. The property was acquired from Deloitte Restructuring Inc on February 23, 2016. Six holes were drilled for a total of 977 meters. The property covers the Cameron deformation corridor over almost 4 km in the eastern extension of the Discovery property, held 100% by Abcourt and the Cameron Shear property held 50% by Jien Canada Mining Ltd and 50% by Abcourt Mines Inc as explained previously. The approximate UTM coordinates of the main showing are 358,740 E and 463,840 N (zone 18). The property is located in the Lac Simon Algonquin category III territory. Mineralization extends over a distance of 3 km. In the past, several holes were drilled and resources calculation was done by InnovExplo in 2011, but Abcourt do not consider these calculations as current and does not believe they are suitable for publication. In 1987-1988, a ramp was excavated in zone B and two bulk samples were taken. The bulk sample mineralization was treated at the Bachelor mill and the following results were obtained: • 5,174 tonnes at 2.51 g/t Au in 1987 (Sullivan/Bachelor) • 4,053 tonnes at 4.25 g/t Au in 1988 (Cambior/Bachelor) The objective of the 2018 drilling campaign was to outline at depth some of the best gold intersections obtained previously in the 2010 and 2011 drilling by NAP Quebec inc.

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