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AI Match Machines 

AI Match Maschines is a progressive artificial Intelligence Crypto Currency (Bitcoin) Builder

(The project started in April 2019. I,  have been a member of AI MM for over a month)


[Bild: 625.AIMatchPlan.png]

Deposits and withdrawals:
Payouts are triggered immediately and arrive within 1-2 hours (only bitcoin wallet)
Payment and Payout options: Bitcoin
Minimum deposit is $ 5 Minimum
Payout: Withdrawals will be sent automatically once the minimum amount over $ 20 has been reached.

Spill over? Yes

When a sponsors level 1 is full their next referrals are placed unter their existing referrals in the matrix filling their matrix and moving them up to the next level under the sponsor.  
PIF: Yes  - You earn matching bonus for everyone you refer on Tier 5.

PS: You do not necessarily have to go through all levels, you can activate the first 3 levels directly ($ 5, $ 20 and $ 50 = $ 75).

For more details and to join FREE Click here





ai mm ft.png

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Hello TGF members,

Free/PIF offer is no more available and is gone.

I am not the owner of AI MM.  You need to join and purchase a $5 position to be included in the matrix. 

Talk soon,









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    • By Ramos Edwin
      Frequently Asked Questions
      What is UCMC or Universal Crypto Mining Club? Universal Crypto Mining Club is a Global Online Community platform for Crypto Enthusiast and Online Marketers, Network Builders and for people who wants to create sustainable income from home using the internet. 
      Does Universal Crypto Mining Club have Crypto Mining farm or have its own cryptocurrency? We Don't have Crypto Mining Facility but we have several recommended Cloud Mining Platform inside our members area that you can check out and  can opt to purchase mining contracts to earn passive income from mining contracts.
      We don't have our own cryptocurrency yet though we are developing a Global Online community which we believe to be one of prerequisite before having a token where members can use it  as exchange of value within the community projects. meaning we working on that direction but we still need to meet the compliance before we can have our own token. 
      What are my benefits if I join This UCMC community Platform? There are several benefits that you can enjoy by simply Signing up to create your own UCMC Account. The first Benefit as UCMC platform account holder is  that you can log in to our members area to access our Community Cryptocurrency Knowledge Base for you to have a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING why Multinational companies are investing heavily on blockchain technology and even some of the brightest mind in our generation and Millions of people around the world are supporting the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
      Second benefit is that You can also use this plaform to build MULTIPLE sources of cryptocurrency income SYSTEMATICALLY using our AUTOMATED NETWORK BUILDER in building several cryptocurrency related opportunity with only one effort. 
      We also have advertising services that you can use to expose and promote your products, services and opportunity to our community which are the perfect target market for any online opportunities and products and services.
      When and how universal crypto mining club started? Universal Crypto Mining Club Opened this Community Platform to the Public on 08,8,18 under the management of AVZ Ventures Incorporated a duly SEC Registered Direct Selling company for health and wellness products in the Philippines..
      Is my personal information protected with your community? Any personal information that you provide here at our website are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!
      How Can I Join and Participate on the Reward Program of Universal Crypto Mining Club? Simply Register Now here on your Sponsor Personal replicated website to Create your FREE Account. Inside our members area you can access our cryptocurrency knowledbase and you can also upgrade your Account to a PRO member to be able to Advertise and participate on our Reward Program.

       How Do I Become a PRO Member? Inside our members area you can purchase our Upgrading package. We have $30 Silver Feeder to Gold Package and We also have $150 Gold package. You can choose any of the 2 package to Start with but we highly suggest that you purchase both package for you to Maximize the Income potential of Both Silver and Gold Stage Program.
      What do I get from $30 Silver Package? When You purchase our $30 Silver package, Your Position on Silver M-1 will be activated for you to be able to Earn from our SILVER Stage Reward Program then You will also recieve 3000 Text Ads Credits, 3000 Banner ads Credits Plus several Downloadable ebooks and have access to 6 Videos of our 32 videos for 7 Figure Affiliate mastery course plus for Philippine Members they will also receive 1 Bottle of Power herbs Food Supplement.
      What do I get from $150 Gold Package? When You purchase our $150 Gold Package, Your Position on Gold M-1 will be activated for you to be able to Participate and Earn from our GOLD Stage Reward Program then You will also recieve 10,000 Text Ads Credits, 10,000 Banner ads Credits Plus several Downloadable ebooks and access to 15 Videos of our 32 videos for 7 Figure Affiliate mastery course plus for Philippine Members they will also receive 2 Bottles of Gluthathione with collagen.
      How do I Earn from the reward Program? Pro members can earn from our reward program in 6 different ways. Simply Invite people to join our UCMC site by using your personal replicated website just like this website with your name on it. Let this Site do the presentation and the Sales for you 24/7 globally. 
      What makes our compensation plan Stand out among the rest? We created our own Hybrid Compensation Plan, We combined and enhanced several compensation plan in one simple and easy to earn from reward program, where our members are well compensated through their effort and it can create a synergy of people helping other people earn.
      A member can create Exponential and Residual income that on can enjoy for a long time.
      This are the traditional compensation plans that we enhanced and combined in our HYBRID COMPENSATION PLAN.
      Reverse 2 up compensation plan  Progressing follow me matrix Compensation Plan Revenue Sharing Compensation Plan Unilevel Compensation Plan Multi Level Compensation Plan What are the Payment and withdrawal Mode Accepted by our Platform? Our system accept and payout members income in cryptocurrency Bitcoin for now and soon will accept and payout other alternative coins and For Philippine Market We can use AVZ Payment Chanels to Purchase UCMC Activation Package to upgrade your account to pro member and activate your position on our reward program and we can send your income in bitcoin or through AVZ Venture and Palawan for provincial members
      I Still don't have a Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency how can I participate? Inside our members area you can find guides how you can buy and start using bitcoin to participate on our program and on other cryptocurrency opportunity in the industry. 
      I'm Involved in other crypto opportunities or in wellness opportunities, can I advertise it on our ucmc platform? Yes! You can advertise other MLM companies, any Health and wellness products, and other crypto related opportunities except HYIP's and Porn Sites.
      Can I register Multiple account using same name and email? No! You don't have to create multiple account simply to take advantage of the reward program, One Account can earn Unlimited income a day and That will only Slow down you on building your team and your network. you won't be able to do spill over to your downlines to help them move on our progressing matrix.
      What is the Minimum Encashment and the maximum reward encashment? The Minimum reward encashment is $10 and the Maximum reward encashment is up to $2,000 per day!
      What are the pay out options? We Can send Payment through Bitcoin for international members and local Members and for Philippines Members we can pay out your Reward program through AVZ Venture Inc.or through Palawan Pera padala
      Simply Select your Chosen withdrawal Payment mode then add your personal Details or your bitcoin wallet address depending on your choosen payment mode. Withdrawal Request for Bitcoin will be processed within 1-2 days for AVZ Venture Palawan Payout will be processed once a week.

    • By Van Duran
      VIP PLAN Rate Of
      30.00% Package
      10 DAYS Cashout Term
      Days PRINCIPAL
      NOT RETURNED ($) 1,000 - 10,000 STANDARD PLAN Rate Of
      25.00% Package
      10 DAYS Cashout Term
      Days PRINCIPAL
      NOT RETURNED ($) 500 - 10,000 PRO PLAN Rate Of
      20.00% Package
      10 DAYS Cashout Term
      Days PRINCIPAL
      NOT RETURNED ($) 100 - 10,000 BASIC PLAN Rate Of
      15.00% Package
      10 DAYS Cashout Term
      Days PRINCIPAL
      NOT RETURNED ($) 10 - 10,000 REFERRAL INCOME :
      LEVEL 1 INCOME 5 %
      LEVEL 2 INCOME 1 %
      LEVEL 3 INCOME 1 %
      LEVEL 4 INCOME 1 %
      LEVEL 5 INCOME 1 %
      LEVEL 6 INCOME 1 %
      LEVEL 7 INCOME 1 %
      LEVEL 8 INCOME 1 %
      LEVEL 9 INCOME 1 %
      LEVEL 10 INCOME 1 %

    • By doug145
      This coin toss game pays a 250 percent instant return on every win and bonuses for certain amounts.
      They seem to give you a better than 50 percent chance at winning also.
      They only take Liberty Reserve funds. I have personally won hundreds of $$ more than I have lost with it.
      Go here:
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