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I am not an admin or owner. The topic was created for informational purposes.

Start of the project: 23.06.19

 The structure of the distribution of investment funds:
50% of investment funds remain on the account of the smart contract, the remaining 50%
sent to the trading account “Exima”. Every day “Exima” is obliged to pay on
smart contract account dividends for successful transactions, smart contract
pays dividends 1 time in 3 days. We will publish information in the form
report on transactions to investors in our telegram channel.
It is recommended to invest from wallets Bitpay, Blockchain, MyEthWallet
In order to receive dividends from the work of “Exima”, every investor
must follow this instruction, their observance guarantees receipt
daily profits.

In the event of non-compliance with these conditions, you risk losing your
investment funds and capital are irrevocable.
* Users should invest from cryptocurrency addresses controlled by them;
* Cryptocurrency addresses of users must be static and non-disposable;
* In the case of investing the minimum allowable amount, the investor risks losing them;
* The minimum allowable investment amount is $ 50 ETH equivalent and $ 150 BTC equivalent;
* Users can not invest from cryptocurrency exchanges, platforms, telegram bots and other services, from where transactions are made from the address of the owner of the service.
Technical support of the project will not be able to help you in case of non-observance of these simple points.

Recommended wallets that users can safely use
* https://www.blockchain.com/ru/wallet
* https://bitpay.com/wallet
* https://www.myetherwallet.com

Source Code Smart - Contract
We posted the source code of the smart contract logic on GitHub, you can find
link to the project website. All smart contract code, with basic protocols and
queries, as well as with databases and libraries will not be available.

How to see the balance of the addresses of the smart contract?
No .. This smart contract is implemented on anonymous technology and works
inside, the smart contract cryptocurrency addresses are completely anonymous in
reviewers Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Investment Plans
Aggressive - from 0.0008 BTC and 0.006 ETH - 1.55% for 100 days.
Dividend payments are automatic, 1 time in 3 days.

Payment systems:

Type of payment
Payments “Automatic” are governed by a smart contract

Not. You can create new deposits from the same address, if the old deposit still works.

Referral program
There is no referral program.

How to register?
There is no registration for the project, personal account too. To become an investor
the project is enough to send the desired amount, not less than the minimum, to the account
smart contract, the next day you will receive the first dividend to the address with
which transaction was made. You can check your address statistics in
the terminal on the site exima.trade on the button Check My Address

Caution for Investors
* Do not send your cryptocurrency funds to the addresses that you
handed over to strangers or people who introduced themselves as ours
representatives, you risk losing your money.
* Before making payments, check the cryptocurrency addresses on exima.trade
* If the person who introduced himself as a project manager, department manager
sales or support services, invites you to invest or assures you
that the address of the smart contract has been replaced or updated, convince you that you can
get a bonus for the deposit on a fictional special program, you risk
lose your money. Check the information in the official project community.
in a telegram or check it with someone in a chat or support service on the site

Company Registration
The company will be registered in the UK.

In the next update.


Platform Localization
(eng) 7+ languages in updates.

Not required.

Channel - @eximachannel
Chat - @eximachat

Support Service
[email protected]

[email protected]

Our deposit (listing)


The topic was created for review and is not a call for any action.
All responsibility for the safety of your money lies only with you.
I am not responsible for your decisions!

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