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Which is the best for app development?

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    • By Ryan-Smith
      Fitness applications are gaining traction as more and more brands invest in mobile and web development. Creating a fitness app gives your business a powerful competitive edge.
      The best fitness tracker apps are rich in features. While creating a fitness app, there are certain features you can’t go without. Read on to learn about them in detail.
      User account & login User account and login is a must-have feature on your list. If users can’t view personal achievements in retrospect and compare them, then fitness and nutrition apps are useless. A user account can store data, not only on user’s devices, but also in the cloud.
      Make it possible for users to register and login through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and sign up via email. If you want to develop a fitness app with on-demand content or a paid subscription, then billing information and an integrated payment system should be present.
      User profiles should have fields for data about age, gender, weight, and height. Don't forget to include different units of measurement for different countries, like kilograms vs. pounds, and meters vs. feet.
      Wearable connectivity Wearables, which collect various types of data, have become an integral part of the fitness market. Use HealthKit and Google Fit APIs to access data from Apple Watch and a number of Android gadgets, when you create a fitness app.
      Activity tracking The biggest number of fitness apps are focused on activity tracking. They provide information about steps made, the number of calories burned, distance walked, run, or cycled, time spent on physical activity, and so on. Activity tracking can be done with the help of integral smartphone sensors or using a wearable device.
      Goal setting Goal setting is an integral part of the basic feature set, because users love to set objectives and achieve them. It motivates to move forward and improve physical form.
      Geolocation This feature allows users to create routes for walking, running, or cycling, track their current position, and record covered distance. To get a good idea of this feature just take a look at what Strava offers.
      Calorie counting Calorie counting should be added no matter if you create a fitness app or build a diet app. It helps users track how many calories they consume and how many they burn during training sessions or during the whole day.
      Notifications & reminders Notifications remind users about the importance of regular physical activity because regularity is a secret of the best shape.
      Notifications and reminders should not be distracting, and users must be able to adjust notification frequency and time depending on their personal preferences.
      Workouts This feature is based on the type of app you want to make. You can offer users to create their own workout, come up with a set of standard ones, or combine these two features. The combination of these two features is the best choice to create a fitness app that will be popular among users.
      Educational content If you provide access to educational content in your application, then users will be engaged with it the most. For example, from small tips on how to stay fit and healthy or long videos of workouts.
      These features are the basic ones which you need to take into account when you create a fitness app.
      More details can be found here https://mlsdev.com/blog/create-a-fitness-app
    • By SagarEspark
      When you are new to a city, especially as a tourist, you are unaware of its transport system.
      You go to the bus stop, and you get to know a piece of dreadful information. You get to know that the bus that you wanted to board left five minutes before. The next one will arrive after 2 hours.
      You also find yourself unable to plan your trips. You have no idea how long it will take you to go from one place to another. Thus, to save yourself from all these hassles, you switch to the option of private vehicles.
      This helps to have better control of your trip. Now, this option of touring on private cars will only turn out to be more burdensome on your pocket.

      The scenario brought the Public Transport App for tracking into the picture. This app comes to the rescue of such tourists. Bus Tracking System comes under this section.
      People can now use these apps to navigate through the lanes of an unknown city like a local without the help of a local. It also helps them keep track of the public transport system of the place.
      Here we take a look at what goes into the development of such an app and what are the costs involved.
      Types Of Transportation App
      General Purpose Transit Apps
      These are the general-purpose apps used for navigating within cities. These apps contain information on commuting options in various cities around the globe.
      With a network of many transport agencies, they show different options. You can avail while going from one place to another in a city.
      Transportation Providers’ App
      These apps are specific to particular transport agencies. They have options for trip planning and buying a ticket.
      It can be within the city or an intercity trip. They also incorporate the feature of purchasing tickets. This buy is at the time of booking the transport.
      Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Apps

      This is the online approach to sightseeing at your own pace. These apps help you to choose from routes that cover the famous places of the city. You can select the path and buy the ticket for that route.
      You can Track Bus Location that you are to the board, and you don’t have to buy the tickets again and again. Here, the Bus GPS Tracker comes into the picture.
      You can also look for the City Bus Tracker. It could turn out to be a masterstroke.
    • By SagarEspark
      Nowadays, Telegram falls under a specific bracket. It’s one of the most remarkable messaging applications.
      It showcases how the platform has evolved along with the market. It managed to develop a secured messaging app with a vast user base.
      In 2016, Telegram managed to cross the range of 100 million active users. It’s a fact despite the cut-throat competition in the market. Telegram vs. WhatsApp is one of the most fierce battles.
      WhatsApp has more than a billion active users. A line has twice of active users to that of Telegrams. The developers are considering Telegram as the role model for a messaging app.
      Another messaging application signal is the main competitor of Telegram. It provides a secured messaging application. But the former has 1 million downloads on Google Play.
      Market Trends, Growth, And Opportunities
      The following statistics indicate the growth of the Telegram in the last few years. Its reach has gone a whole new level with more than 62 million active users.
      What’s more interesting is the numbers of new users joining this app. So, by analyzing these numbers, one can get a great idea about Telegram.

      How To Make An Instant Messaging App Like a Telegram?
      In today’s scenario, developing an app can mean zero level development. It means to code from the very beginning.
      Telegram App Developer can take help of other online methods, i.e., APIs, libraries, tools & protocols. The developer must know how he/she wishes to develop a messaging app.
      The developer must also know the development platforms, i.e., Android Windows or iOS.
      The functions of a messaging app depend on the infrastructure of the databases. (such as storage facility, messaging protocols (XMPP), APIs. Notification services, servers, etc,…).
      There are some things you should take into account while developing a messaging app.
      They’re as shown below:
      Cost Security Timeline Features Design Back-end Front-end Support Click Here To Read More...
    • By SagarEspark
      Mobile apps have become the essential features of any smartphone. People use apps more than they use anything on the phone. Every necessity is now available at our doorstep through these apps.
      Gone are the days of enjoying shopping. Today people want to spend more time enjoying their preferred activities. Shops can come to their homes.
      There are many features in mobile apps that users find very convenient. But the one element that the app owners or admins find most useful is the push notification.
      Wise admins use this for their best advantage. Companies use Push Notifications for keeping the users happy and continue to use the app.
      What Is a Push Notification?
      Push Notification Service is the best feature in mobile apps. It allows the app to send messages to the mobile device. There’s a significant advantage of this feature.

      The user doesn’t need to use the app when receiving the notification. The app user doesn’t need to request for any information to receive a push notification.
      Push notifications are messages which the app owner sends to the user. It’s for passing some information which the user may not have asked.
      It is a feature that allows apps to keep the user informed. It can be about any changes, offers, or even the status of their order. It is also a way to keep the customer interested in the app.
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