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Babies are the sweet gift to motherhood a strong bond between parents and children stays forever whereas romances come and go. When a baby is born you are hitched to it with love, care, emotions and unexpected tears that roll down the cheeks without any reason. Seeing your baby growing and learning about its growth milestones is amusing and fascinating you are always primed to form strong bond by experiencing the growth and development like when do babies crawl, sits, walk or roll over, every little development leaves you adoring and loving your baby.

In this article let’s find out when babies roll over.

Rolling over is a surprise box for the baby and the mother as baby is able to get more movements and mother learns that babies muscles and development is going well. When do babies roll over is every parents concern as it is the prime stage for crawling and sitting on its own, rolling over brings more care attention and care especially while changing on the table and at other places as these little ones are very tricky and always tries some new moves so being not safe cloud cause fall or other hazards.

Babies learn to roll over by the age of 4 months, some may not even get it until they are close to 7 months, most babies learn to roll over between the age of 5 to 7 months with more improved flexibility and ability to turn itself from back to front, front to back, side to side and then moving in all directions with great comfort and ease.

When Do Babies Roll Over is significant milestone of your Childs growth but if your child has already begun shuffling and crawling the rolling over is set back but you need not to worry as it’s a positive sign of growth and development.

When do premature babies learn to roll over?

When a baby is born premature he or she needs utter care as the growth rate could be slow and time taking their is no scheduled time table to understand when do such babies roll over unlike normal babies who hit the growth on scheduled timetable. Premature babies takes little longer to reach big milestones like crawling, rolling, sitting etc you can encourage activities by stimulating sense of touch and playing with your baby, babies are good at imitating so if you will lay aside the baby and roll over to the other side this demonstration will make your baby to attempt rolling always applaud the effort made but always be careful as the attempt can happen at any time so always ensure the safety of baby.

 When your baby learns to explore all the  corners of your house then be careful that the house is baby proof, never leave him or her unattended the first year of their first crawl, smiles, coos and step  are the most fun so enjoy the rolling ride with your baby.

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