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Product Strategy: Case Of XR Web

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Initial Token Offerings (ICOs) allow start-ups anywhere to raise huge amount of capital to bring all sorts of ideas to reality. Many entrepreneurs are developing decentralized ventures and such developments have some a lot of benefits: others utilize these services and make it more competitive by adding more of their own knowledge and effort.

As companies and enterprises adopt services from start-up ventures, they make the host service more competitive. This sounds great but there's one major problem to this sort of business.

A decentralized extended reality is meaningless if it does not attract an instant adoption. Without immediate adoption, the service will become speculative and an easy target to imitators or worse, quench out. For this reason, good product roll-out and strategy deployment is very important.

XR Web Strategy

XR Web is a multi-tipped development, and the latest realest offering in the virtual reality industry. XR Web has taken a proactive measure to safe-guard its product from the possible occurrence of the success problem described above.

images (47).jpeg

XR Web is a new project that is going to be anchored on blockchain and leverage augmented/extended reality (XR) technologies to deliver a layer of Digital Land that sits atop real earth geolocation coordinates. XR web takes the concept of selfie filters to a new commerce-focused mechanism. Anyone can easily sell, rent or buy the Digital Land or develop audience-attracting AR content on the land to develop a revenue channel. What XR web is developing will be a pioneer of a new kind of extended reality internet that will take the world away from the current 2D internet to 3D internet. An added aspect of XR web is a digital XR estate, XR web App Store/SDK and XR Browser&Wallet

Obviously, such a concept like XR web is a massive innovative utilization of Augmented Reality. However, every new idea needs an immediate adoption to survive. To ensure this, XR web has integrated a decentralized protocols of blockchain with its platform in order to set the stage for its utility.


To ensure an easy entry into the market, XR web is developing sdk tools that allow easy development of XR contents — this allow the crypto community and the general public to have easy adoption not just as consumers of XR content, but contributors too. This ensures that there is a continuous supply of contents.

XR web's Digital estate provides a direct platform that can be leased by easily staking XR tokens. And while all XR web's utilities are extremely useful, XR web itself is creating a platform that will attract an aggregate demand for the extended reality products.

XR web has taken the necessary measures to ensure that its XR platform has the establishment for easy onboarding and market-making to take place: supply is greatly eased and demand is immediately established.

A New Standard

In a market where plenty concepts are rolling out on a daily basis, XR web is setting a new standard by making sure that it's extended reality (XR) platfirm has a low barrier for supply and a readily available demand mechanism.


XR web's range of products gives it a good market presence. Products such as XR advertisement engine, XR App Store, XR browser/wallet and the XR Digital Land estate work in harmony and support each other’s growth. The Digital estate will require attractive XR content to drive market interest, which is necessary to make the plots profitable. In addition, many companies will require to outsource the needs for XR content development which is another huge advantage for XR web.

The wide range of products makes it easy for companies to seek important services to be utilized within the XR web ecosystem. More so, the XR estate draws a mass market interest by providing individuals with opportunity to drive a new source of income with their talents. This audience can be extended to users of the XR web's Digital estate.

You can Buy XR Tokens now with Bonus at:https://www.ico.xrweb.network

Essential XR Web Community Links

Web: https://www.xrweb.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xrwebnetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/gofindxr
Whitepaper: http://www.xrweb.network/img/Whitepaper-XRWEB.pdf

Bounty0x Username: Angor1

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