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henry mack

Verify our Binance Statement and Crypto results by accessing the Binance group free!

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50% huge profit on #MTL for Premium Members.


They were asked to HODL #MTL and then the closure was sent out with huge profit

Visit the link and check it for your self, our success ratio is incredible - https://t.me/btctradingclub

We are the ONLY Premium Community which informs about the entry as well as the EXIT/Closure call which makes the trading easier for traders.

Verify our past 3 years Premium Signal Results & Testimonials.

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    • By henry mack
      Visit and get Free Gdax bot, Crypto Trading Strategy, Crypto Signals and Bitcoin Bot - https://t.me/btctradingclub
      Here are the complete statistics for 1st May to 19th May 2019.

      We have generated more than 100% Profit in our Premium Community.
      Total Trades=16
      Winning Trades=14
      Stop Loss Trades=2
      ❇Total Profit=160%
      Total Loss= 60%
      Net Profit (1st May to 19th May 2019)=100% Profit.
      We have highlighted detailed statistics of our Premium Group Signals above – ~88% accuracy is really fantastic and profit of above 100% in the Month of May so far.
      Why our signals are such high in accuracy? Because we sent all those signals post detailed analysis considering the technical & fundamental aspect of the coin.
    • By nick hill
      Visit the Community for Free Crypto Signal, Bitcoin Bot, Bitmex Leverage Trade and Gdax Trading - https://t.me/freebitmexsignals
      Bitcoin is still trading above the rising trendline in spite of the correction from the new 2019 high at $8,96318 (on Coinbase).
      The second resistance level is slightly above $9,000 at $9,140. A third resistance for the leading pair on the market is $9,650.
      Here is the complete Bitmex Trade & Bot Stats for  April 2019 below:

      More than 100% Profit from Bitmex Signals Auto Trades + Bot Scalping Trades.
      More than 250% Profit from Bonus Bitmex Signals.
      We have highlighted all the Live Bitmex Statements for each and every trade here (which has never been done by anyone else earlier).
      The accuracy on Bonus Bitmex Signals has been great. Huge number of Bitmex Traders do follow these signals as these has tight stop loss and take profit levels.
      You will never see such detailed statistics of Profit & Loss in any Signal Provider Community.
    • By megan schmidt
      Visit our group for Free Profitable Crypto Signal, Great Crypto Trading Strategy, Bitcoin Bot and Gdax Bot - https://t.me/freebitmexsignals
      Bitcoin price started a strong rise above the $7,800 and $8,000 resistances against the US Dollar.
      The price gained traction and even traded close to the $8,200 resistance area. The pair is currently forming a triangle pattern and it could continue higher above $8,150 and $8,200.
      Trading on exchange is often cluttered and confusing. The minimalistic approach of Premium Bot provides clarity for advanced as well as novice traders.
      See trades in action from the premium signal.
      Stop/Restart bot any time with a single click.
      Select quantity and Add manual trades. See all trades on a single window.
      Bot has an in-built AI, which tracks and detects trends, volumes other indicators and makes best Independent trades as per the leverage set, with excellent success rates.
    • By nick hill
      Visit our community to get Gdax Bot, Free Crypto Bot, Bitcoin Bot and assistant on Bitmex Leverage Trade - https://t.me/freebitmexsignals
      The model suggests that the bottom for Bitcoin [BTC] might actually be in, as it seems unlikely the price would go below the orange line.
      Theoretically, a break around $4500-$5500 range is the worst possible situation. The lowest bottom level by the end of 2019 is around $6000.
      #TRX has completed all the Profit Targets. 
      Visit the group and Just scroll above and you will see each and every free signals shared here has resulted in profit which simply shows our accuracy are excellent.
      Enter the Bitmex Group to receive signals with precise stop loss and take profit levels.
      31 out of 38 Bonus Bitmex Signals have consistently hit the Profit Targets.
      Trading becomes easier when you follow fix Profit Targets with tight stop loss - Thus our Bonus Bitmex Signals is of high quality.
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