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Much Ado About Hair Follicular Units in the best hair transplant in mumbai

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The medical development in the field of hair transplant technology is now very impressive. That is how fast the rate of improvement and development we have now in this particular medical field. If before, we are talking about actually removing hair or hair follicles one by one from a particular part of the body, we are now dealing with hair follicular units which are considered to be more convenient and effective. Surgeons deal with these follicular units by separating them and this may include some effective methods as well.

Methods involved in separating hair follicular units:

So how do you separate all of those follicular units?

  • Strip method

Well, one technique is called the strip method or more commonly known follicular unit transplantation. It involves removing a thin strip of hairy skin from the safe zone particularly at the back of the head then with a very sharp high end and even sharper scalpel slicing it up into individual follicles. That follicular unit is then being inserted into small slips in the skin of the board area. And the wound at the back of the head is closed with stitches or staples.

While this method lets surgeons get it potentially thousands of follicles in just one go, it relies an awful lot on a steady hand and leaves the patient with a long scar that comes right across what was the best bit of hair outbloomclinics.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction

Another way of getting around this is to do a bit more different which is why there are best hair transplant in mumbai. This method uses a punch, or it looks like an almost tiny drill, to cut around individual follicular units leaving the rest of the skin intact. What's left behind is a whole load of tiny circular holes that healed to leave barely perceptible scars. It fills the hair in the safe zone. Not too noticeably, the follicular units from these extraction methods are implanted into slits in the boarding area just the same as with the strip method. And at this stage, there's as much art as science involved. True, it's the job of the surgeon to make sure the new hair has blend seamlessly into the existing hair. It can then take up to 18 months to see the effects as new hair grows in. However, sometimes the healthy follicles to the safe zone aren't enough to cover the area needing attention.



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