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    • By nick hill
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      ThinkMarkets chief market analyst Naeem Aslam predicts that bitcoin (BTC) will hit somewhere between $60,000 and $100,000 during its next bull run.
      Aslam had previously predicted on June 17 that BTC would hit $10,000 in “a couple of weeks,” Bitcoin successfully reached the five figure mark on June 22.

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      It sets the stop loss, take profit and pending orders automatically.
    • By megan schmidt
      #TRX Profit meter is seeing good growth via automated independent trade executed via Premium Bitmex Bot

      8% gains on #TRX generated via Bot - These are excellent trades which are done without any manual intervention.
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      The accuracy and success ratio on these #TRX trades via Bot has been outstanding. Get the best Premium Bot for Bitmex.
      Leverage trading has gained lot of popularity among the traders. It is important to understand the core concept of leverage before jumping into the Bitmex trading.
      If you are new to Bitmex then you must join above community and get your facts clear. Do not make silly mistakes while trading on Bitmex as this can really get worst.
    • By henry mack
      15% Profit on #PIVX for Our Members.

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    • By megan schmidt
      #TRX has hit the 1st Profit Target on #Bitmex - Just scroll all the free signals which are posted on our group.
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      Our Bitmex Premium Bot also makes independent trades based on several indicators such as RSI, Bollinger Bands & Breakout strategy to produce unique trades.
      Visit the above link and you will find the entire stats from Jan - May 2019.
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