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Sports betting tips

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I believe in copying a proven winner. After slowly but surely losing thousands over the years in betting I can honestly say it is much harder than I thought. That is why I came up with the idea of just buying a proven tipster service and then sharing it with others to minimize expenses. So for example I pay $100 a month and you split the subscription with me for $50 from you ,then we both copy the picks exactly and win (unless the proven winner starts losing) I have located a proven way to win. I am just wondering if I can find someone to split the costs with me. What do you think of this idea? 

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19 hours ago, GanneshaG said:

I want to start investing in sports betting. I know that this is quite risky, so I want to find some kind of site / blog / group where I can find more information about different teams than other bettors. Any ideas on this?

I think that you can find many such offers on the Internet, but I'm not sure that all sources of this information will provide you with real and relevant information. I think that you need to check that you don't fall into the scam at first. To do this, I advise you to choose sources with good reputation, for example, I know that this Telegram channel  https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFEQYAGDyKw83qOOdQ helps many people to have fairly stable income from sports betting. I read that with the help of information and advice from this channel in telegrams you can get large percentage of winning bets and you can earn $ 3,000 if you dare to bet $ 100. I think it might be beneficial.

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