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What benefits will I see from a testosterone injection?

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From a *single* injection. You will get a very mild feeling of “today’s going pretty well” especially about 24 hrs after the shot. Nothing you could really swear on the bible was attributed to the testosterone. Just simply… hows it going?. Oh I’m actually having a great day!

Testosterone is subtle. You might recover a little better than normal from the gym. But it’s a little better, not magic.

And if you only take one, you are going to have world of problems starting in about a week, that will take at least a month to get right again.

You put any amount of all of artificial testosterone in your body and your balls stop producing it.

Read that again.

Your nuts will stop working. Not wind down, not work at reduced efficiency. They stop. Working. So even if you take enough viagra to brute force a hardon, you are going to have the sex drive of a 4 year old. You are gonna look at that hardon and not know what to do with it.

Got that? Key takeaway is your nuts will stop working.

Ok. Want that? Good.

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The most important factors for men will be better sex and larger muscles. But also there will be much more benefits. The health benefits associated with testosterone supplementation have long-term benefits that can be transformational in nature for many people. Here is a good article about this question https://www.hght.com/testosterone-therapy/testosterone-therapy-for-men/

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