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Some Important Facts Of Forex No Deposit Bonus.

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Hello everyone, many of you may not know the term "no deposit bonus" on the foreign exchange market. So today, I will discuss some important facts of the no deposit Forex bonus.

What is a no deposit bonus?

No Deposit Forex bonuses are promotional bonuses that are often used by regulated Forex brokers to attract new customers who want to test their services. This type of bonus gives you a great opportunity to try out broker systems and services without spending a dime.

The Forex No Deposit Bonus account is the same as a regular account because you can enjoy the same experience with a regular trading account. In addition, the implementation of the no deposit Forex bonus is the same as on a direct Forex account.


However, bonuses on Forex free bonus accounts are subject to certain conditions that must be met before someone can make a withdrawal. When you open an account with a no-deposit Forex bonus campaign, you only trade with your dealer's money. Therefore, even if you end up losing your bonus credit, you do not have to worry.

Thus, no deposit Forex bonus is a safe way to start Forex trading. Forex traders generally offer a Forex deposit bonus of between $ 5 and $ 100. When you visit this online broker website, you can find promotion of a deposit bonus deposited and updated regularly.

What you need to know about no deposit bonuses Forex

If you are new to the world of Forex trading, then a no deposit bonus on Forex is a great opportunity to use it. As we mentioned earlier, some brokers regularly provide this special bonus.

Thanks to the agreement on no-deposit Forex bonuses, a real Forex trading account is assigned to allow you to start trading in the money market without jeopardizing your own money. Of course, no broker will give you free money. There are therefore a number of conditions for all No Deposit Bonus promotions that you must carefully follow in order to withdraw the profit or bonus you make when trading.

Unless the minimum trading volume is reached, the trader can not withdraw the Forex deposit without investing. This is one of the most important conditions that most brokers pursue.

Traders can not simply withdraw bonuses without fulfilling certain conditions, such as volume and trading times. There can also be a maximum amount of Forex profit that traders can withdraw if they have not funded their own account.

Traders need to understand their Forex trading experience at the micro level without the Forex Deposit Bonus. This may actually be different from Forex trading on larger and larger portfolios as the risk involved is greater.

Good trading account management without Bonus Bonus The bonus certainly requires several strategies.

The Forex market is a globally decentralized market for Forex trading. The main players in the Forex market are probably the main multinational banking institutions.

Banking institutions act as anchors to trade regularly with different types of traders. Compare with the stock market where there is a daily turnover and then it's easy to see why the Forex market is the most important financial market in the world.

Basically, Forex is considered an act of buying a currency when you sell another currency at the same time, mainly related to speculation or rumors. The value of currencies continues to rise, but it can also depreciate (decline) because of many variables involving the economy and geopolitics.

The general objective of trading the deposit bonus is to make a profit while observing these variations. Traders must regularly guess the evolution of Forex exchange rates in the near future.


One of the many important elements of Forex's popularity is the fact that each Forex market is open 24 hours a day. The possibility that an exchange rate is accessible 24 hours a day to traders can significantly reduce the gap between the two countries. price (when prices vary from one level to another without having to trade) and also allows traders to take certain positions at any time.

However, in some cases, trading volumes are below standard values, which may help to broaden the market distribution.

Unlike most financial markets, the true free market of Forex has no place for business or perhaps the main market, because it is traded throughout the day thanks to the global participation of companies, companies banking institutions and individuals.

In addition, there are profitable offers for potential customers to engage traders to benefit their organization. That's why the Forex deposit bonus offer is becoming more and more popular.

To get a Forex no deposit bonus, simply create a Forex account and provide personal information. This usually includes downloading your address and some other relevant details.

Once approved, they will deposit money into your account, which will serve as an initial bonus for your new trading account. The level of this agreement is for the most part quite interesting.

The no deposit Forex bonus is highly recommended because you can start trading once you join your broker team and evaluate the system as you learn everything.

Some brokers provide this agreement primarily to promote their business and to get as many customers as possible. A quick Google search can give you a list of no deposit Forex bonuses.

The next step is to read the terms and conditions, as not all brokerage companies will allow people from different countries to join their team.

So here are some important facts about the no deposit bonus on Forex. And if you agree with my opinions, then please let me know.


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Most of the time traders get attracted by several bonus offers offered by the brokers. But my theory is to not choose the broker by considering their bonus offers because in real trading it may not be found for some restrictions. I choose Forex4you broker the trusted and solid trading broker. They give me all the necessary facilities and services to lead a better trading life. They also allow me 25% deposit bonus which is safe.

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Thousands of brokers presenting thousands of offers to attract traders. Getting the right one is getting diamond in hand. And I think I got the right one which is BPRIMES. They are regulated and we know that without a regulated trading broker you will be not able to work properly due to many restrictions. I am doing nicely with my broker without any kind of restrictions. Till now they are best for me.

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    • By fxfarmerashik
      FOREX trading might sound to you like something unique, but it’s not difficult to explain because most people consider it tough to understand.
      Though it is true, this is different from what you normally use in other capital markets, but the ideas behind it are the same; to get as much profit as possible in a very short time.
      The Forex exchange market is the largest market in the world without anyone approaching it. It is traded in trillions of dollars a day all the time, so it is attractive to both; traders who trade in small or larger sizes because Forex trading is relatively easy to complete your trade and the cost of doing business is much lower.
      So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into Forex trading and how it works.
      What is Forex trading?
      Forex is a synonym of foreign exchange, so basically it is trading one currency with another currency. Most of us have probably done this kind of exchange, manually if not electronically.
      For example, if you go on holiday to Malaysia, you must convert your money to Malaysian ringgit, or if you go to the US for a vacation; You will spend USD in the US. This is a form of Forex trading where you sell your own domestic currency for foreign currencies.
      How does a Forex broker work?
      Forex brokers are basically intermediaries who buy and sell on behalf of someone. Every time you work through a broker, he will get some money as a commission called a spread.
      Now, the great thing about the Forex market today is that the spreads are far lower because Forex brokers are very competitive businesses.
      When you open an account with a good broker like Exness, they will do what is known as KYC, called Know Your Clients.
      So, that means you have to show some credentials to ensure that you have good credit, especially if they give you leverage (lend money to trade).
      Who trades Forex and why?
      On a much larger scale, trade is carried out by central banks, large banks, companies, governments, and retail traders.
      Central banks intervene in the foreign exchange market to bring a balance in the currency so that they remain competitive in exports.
      So, they sell their own domestic currency on a large scale to buy whatever relevant raw materials they need from other countries.
      Finally, retail traders; like you or me, speculate in the Forex market for profit.
      The advantage of Forex trading
      High Liquidity
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      According to the latest survey, Forex traders have jumped close to 10 million in the market.
      Risk management
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      Open 24/7
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      So, in the end, Forex trading is now on the edge of online trading. Though many people still don’t know how it works. So, for them, if you have any question in my mind regarding Forex trading then please let me know.
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      Forex trading signals provide the information which signifies the current trends in trading. They help in making critical decisions in trading. Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, you might face some challenges while trading. Forex trading signal can help you in this respect. They can help you reap higher profits out of your investment.
      Things You Need to Know About Forex Trading Signals
      Why you need forex trading signals?

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      Since good forex trading signals are generated by knowledgeable professionals, they are highly accurate. This helps to increase the chances of earning higher profits.
      How forex signals are generated?

      It requires a complete analysis to generate forex signals. The experts gain complete knowledge about the ongoing trends by watching the market 24 hours. They provide forecast which can be quite helpful for the investors.
      The forex signals can be executed manually or automatically. In the manual system, the trader gets the signal from the forex signal providers. He executes the buy or sell order in his trading account. In an automated system, the buy or sell order is automatically executed to the subscriber account. This is done with the help of software.
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      Fundamental review
      With the approaching of October 31, the British Prime Minister Johnson became more and more aware that the possibility of leaving the EU after the agreement with the EU has been declining,
      so he began to prepare for "no agreement to leave the EU." However, on Wednesday, the situation of Brexit is changing again.
      The Johnson Administration and the "rebel" members of the hard-off Brex have once again confronted each other. Originally, Johnson planned to prevent the parliament from obstructing "no agreement to leave the European Union" by extending the parliamentary recess time, but the British parliament shattered Johnson's hard-fashioned fantasy and passed 328 to 301 votes for the opposition and the Conservative Party.
      The proposed motion to prevent Johnson from leaving the EU without a deal made it impossible for Johnson to easily complete the "no agreement to leave the European Union" during the parliamentary recess.

      Forex technical analysis GBPUSD GBP/USD

      After the “bottom divergence” sign on the daily line of Macd, the pair achieved a bottoming out. On the previous trading day, the K line pulled up nearly 200 points. However, it should be noted that the top is still suppressed by the 30-day moving average, so the bullish rebound is expected to be resisted. In the daytime, the key pressure above the MT4 observation is at 1.2310, and if it breaks, it may look further at 1.2370.
      Forex technical analysis XAUUSD gold

      The gold price broke through the shock box on the last trading day and entered the uptrend channel. Today, the Asian market was in early trading, and the price rebounded again by the lower rail support. The initial pressure was at 1547.7 of the Pivot central axis. Intraday investors need to pay attention to the fact that multiple periods of Macd have shown signs of “top divergence” after the Asian market price correction. Therefore, if the price fails to test 1547.7 multiple times, it is necessary to consider using MT4 multiple single departure to prevent rapid price callback.
      Forex technical analysis USDJPY USD/JPY

      Yesterday, the US market, the K line broke through the shock channel, and stepped back to confirm, so in the short term, the bulls may have an advantage. The MT4 observes the 1 hour level, and the cycle averages are re-turned to support, while the Macd returns to the 0-axis after opening the gold fork. In the daytime, it is still possible to consider establishing a short-term multi-storage based on the support below, with an initial support of 106.53 below, further supporting 106.32.
      Focus event
      1.Number of layoffs in the US challenger in August
      2.US ADP employment in August
      3.Number of people claiming unemployment benefits from the US to August 31
      4.US August Markit service industry PMI final value
      5.US July factory order monthly rate
      6.US August ISM non-manufacturing PMI
      7.EIA crude oil inventories for the week from August 30 to August 30
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    • By jerry0821
      According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), central banks around the world have cut interest rates by 32 times this year to alleviate the impact of Sino-US trade friction. However,
      the market price on the interest rate swap contract shows that the global central bank's cycle of interest rate cuts may be just beginning. However, it is important to note that while the central bank is cutting interest rates, it also regains the overall prudential tool to reduce the risk of excessive capital expansion.
      Market analysts and traders expect the global central bank to cut interest rates again.
      If the central bank is entering a monetary easing policy, the number of global central bank interest rate cuts will be as high as 58 in the next year, which translates to a global interest rate drop of about 16%. It is necessary to ensure that the flow of funds is used in places where real demand is desired,in order to play a role in stabilizing the economy.
      Forex-Technical Analysis (Gold XAUUSD):

      Forex analysis today gold (September 6) early in the morning at 1517.1 US dollars / ounce, from the technical analysis, 1 hour level observation trend yesterday (5th) by ADP data significantly better than the foreign exchange market expectations, making the negative gold fell below All chip support fell by $40/oz, so there is a chance of a slight rebound after the deepdown.
      At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is located at 1522~1522.5 US dollars/ounce, in the downward direction, the initial support range is 1508~1508.5 US dollars/ounce. The operation mentality is mainly short. The investors who want to enter the market for a short time can consider the price of 1511.5 US dollars. For short-term purchases in the $1514/oz range,
      the MT4 operating stop-loss point can be considered to be set below $1508.5 per ounce.
      Forex-Technical Analysis (EUR/USD EURUSD):

      Forex analysis today EUR/USD (September 6th) Early in the morning near 1.10375, cut from the technical analysis, 1 hour level observation trend yesterday (5th) V-shaped reversal. A sharp rise immediately pulled back the correction, so there is a chance to correct it and then rise again.
      At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is located at 1.10750~1.10800, the downward direction, the initial support interval is 1.10200~1.10250, and the operation mentality is mostly short. Investors who want to enter the market for a short time may consider buying in the 1.10280 to 1.10320 range. The MT4 operation stop loss point can be considered to be set below 1.10210.
      Forex-Technical Analysis (GBP/USD GBPUSD):

      Forex analysis today GBP/USD (September 6th) Early in the vicinity of 1.23233, from the technical analysis, the 1-hour line level observation trend is forming the fifth wave of wave theory, while the K-bar is close to the Bollinger Middle Track to maintain the middle and upper rails. Between, therefore there is a chance to continue to rise.
      At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is located at 1.23650~1.23700, the downward direction, the initial support range is 1.22950~1.23000, and the operation mentality is mainly short. Investors who want to enter the market for a short time may consider buying in the 1.23200 to 1.23250 range. The MT4 operation stop loss point can be considered to be set below 1.23001.
      Today's key data:
      1.Germany's July seasonally adjusted industrial output monthly rate
      2.French July trade account (100 million euros)
      3.UK August Halifax seasonally adjusted house price index monthly rate
      4.Eurozone second quarter quarterly adjusted employment rate
      5.Eurozone second quarter GDP annual rate correction
      6.Non-agricultural employment in the United States in August
      7.US unemployment rate in August
      More information Forex and MT4
    • By jerry0821
      The United States announced yesterday (3rd) that the manufacturing index for August was 49.1, lower than the three-year low of 51.2 in July, which was below the 50-year-old glory line for the first time in three years, and the order, production, and The employment index fell in full, suggesting that the global economy was heated by Sino-US trade frictions, causing shocks to the US manufacturing industry, and the growth trend gradually slowed down. According to the report, the new order indicator fell to 47.2 in 7 years, the first time since December 2015, it fell below 50. In addition, it can reflect the overseas demand export index of 43.3, which was the lowest point since the financial tsunami in April 2009.
      forex Technical Analysis (Gold XAUUSD):
      forex analysis today gold (September 4) early in the morning at 1546.8 US dollars/ounce, MT4 technical analysis face cut, 1 hour level observation trend under the influence of US data, the dollar fell gold in one fell swoop, the big structure gradually has the left shoulder bottom right shoulder The shape,so there is a chance to rise more and then pull back the correction.
      At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is located at 1554~1554.5 US dollars/ounce. In the downward direction, the initial support range is 1541~1541.5 US dollars/ounce. The operation mentality is mainly short. The investors who want to enter the market for a short time can consider the price of 1541 US dollars. To the 1543.5 US dollars/ounce range of light warehouse buy, MT4 set stop loss point can be set to 1539.5 US dollars/ounce below.
      forex Technical Analysis (EUR/USD EURUSD):
      forex analysis today EUR/USD (September 4th) Early in the morning around 1.09701, MT4 technical analysis cut in, the 1-hour level observation trend was significantly down by the US dollar, the bottom began to rebound sharply, so there is a chance that the symmetry market continues to rise.
      At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is located at 1.10100~1.10150, the downward direction, the initial support interval is 1.09550~1.09600, and the operating mentality is mainly short. Investors who want to enter the market for a short time can consider buying in the 1.09700 to 1.09750 range. MT4 sets the stop loss point to consider setting below 1.09600.
      forex Technical Analysis (GBP/USD GBPUSD):
      forex analysis today sterling / US dollar (September 4) Early in the vicinity of 1.20842, MT4 technical analysis face cut, 1 hour line-level observation trend was also significantly pulled back yesterday (3rd) US dollar, making the pound appear bottom V-shaped reversal, Therefore, the equal-amplitude measurement method has a chance to continue to rise.
      At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is located at 1.21450~1.21500, in the downward direction, the initial support range is 1.20550~1.20600, and the operating mentality is mainly short. Investors who want to enter the market for a short time may consider buying in the 1.209940 to 1.20990 range. MT4 set stop loss point can be considered to set below 1.20900.
      forex Technical Analysis (NZD/USD NZDUSD):
      forex analysis today NZD/USD (September 4th) Early in the vicinity of 0.63268, MT4 technical analysis cut in, 1-hour line-level observation trend began to appear bottom up, forming a small V reversal, so there is a chance according to the equal amplitude measurement method continue rising
      At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is located at 0.63600~0.63650, the downward direction, the initial support interval is 0.63150~0.63200, and the operation mentality is mainly short. The investors who want to enter the market for a short time can consider buying in the 0.63390 to 0.63450 range. MT4 sets the stop loss point to consider setting below 0.63300.
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