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Read the review about the Payeer e wallet, payment system and get to know better what it is and how it works.


Payeer e wallet overview includes following information:
- What is Payeer?
- Payeer referral program.
- Bulk payments / API.
- Deposit & withdrawal options.
- How to buy Payeer EUR/USD with Bitcoin?
- Fees review.
- Payeer benefits and disadvantages.
- Conclusions and recommendations.

Find out more here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/804/payeer-wallet-review/

XMLGold is an e-currency & digital currency exchange company. Trusted since 2006!
With XMLGold.eu, you will always be able to instantly exchange the following:
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, ePay, C-CEX, CoinMate, Ecoin-code, Online Bank Transfer, XMLMoney, Bank Transfer, Ex-code, Wex code, Perfect Money Voucher, SEPA Transfer etc.

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    • By xmlgold
      Read the Payeer Payment System's Review: "Learn more about the payment system Payeer!".

      In this review, you will find the following information:
      - What Payeer is;
      - What the deposit and withdrawal options at Payeer payment system are;
      - What benefits you could get by using Payeer payment system;
      - Overview of the Payeer payment system tools;
      - And more...
      Read the full review here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/724/Payeer-electronic-wallet-review/
    • By jeanlylove
      Bitwiner.biz is a low rate and pay the site every day to secure long-term durability of the site is very high (more than 360 sites could live day), pay interest of 2%, 2.5%, 3% to 5% referral
      Register here: https://bitwiner.biz/?ref=bitcoin
      Features of Bitwiner.biz
      - Currently the site is running and the interest payment you can sign up to earn 5%
      - Accept payments through Gate 3 gate: Bitcoin, PM, PAYEER
      - Payment: Instant
      - Minimum Investment: $ 10
      - Minimum Payment: No payment limit
      - Complete investment: No, which is included in the rate.
      - Site with SSL security, CEIA up to $ 1,750,000 and other security modes.
      The package rate of Bitwiner.biz
      • 2% daily earnings $ 10-99 - 75 days - 150%
      • 2.5% of the daily rate $ 100-999 - 60 days - 150%
      • 3% of the daily rate 1000-50000 - 50 days - 150%
      Investment Guide to Bitwiner.biz
      Investment Account Registration: https://bitwiner.biz/?ref=bitcoin
      To invest you click "Make Deposit", select wanted rate investment package, enter the amount you want to invest corresponding rate package you choose, click the 3 methods to send.
      + Spend Funds from perfectMoney
      + Spend Funds from Payeer
      + Spend Funds from Bitcoin
       click to "SPEND".
      You will get information to your wallet Bitwiner investment transfers.
      For example, choose from Bitcoin Spend Funds
      - Click Process
      - Choose the BTC and click "Complete Checkout" - you will get information on money transfer bitwiner.biz ckout
      - After the BTC for your transfers, the money invested in investment Bitwiner will be confirmed to the account after 10-60 minutes. Investment process to accomplish this, your task is to draw every day in interest on such Bitwiner.biz your BTC.
      - Note: always potential HYIP investment risk should you consider investing in financial scope allowed and responsible for your investment decisions.
      - Registration: https://bitwiner.biz/?ref=bitcoin
    • By Help4You
      Earn money with Payeer!
      Place our affiliate link or a banner to website, get up to 40% from all transactions to your Payeer account.
      Sign up=> Payeer.com

      This is a one of a kind offer, free API to instantly launch a superior, secure and established automatic exchange service on your new or already existing website - get 20%, 30% or 40% of Payeer® income while establishing an easy, fast nd efficient automatic exchange service for your clients and your business.
      You can start an exchange service on an already existing website, blog or forum and monetize your traffic, or launch the exchange service from scratch our personal manager will help you with development of this new and exciting project from beginning to end for free.
    • By newpt
      Я не Админ/Владелец проекта!!!

      Предлагаю Вашему вниманию новый интересный высокодоходный проект Payeer.X20

      Полностью автоматическая система начислений и выплат.

      Один Ваш вклад = 20 выплат (поступлений) на Ваш payeer счет согласно выбранного плана и суммы депозита.

      * Полностью автоматическая система начислений
      * Автоматические выплаты на Ваш кошелек (не нужно заказывать)
      * Нет ограничений на кол-во вкладов
      * Доступно из любой точки мира
      * Нет ограничений на выплаты
      * Без приглашений
      * Без регистрации

      Минимальная сумма вклада: 50 рублей
      Максимальная сумма вклада: 10000 рублей
      Бонус за каждый следующий депозит: 5%
      Бонус за привлечение партнера: 5%

      Инвестиционные планы:

      ТЕСТ Х20
      Минимальная сумма: 50 рублей (Payeer Rub)
      Максимальная сумма: 450 рублей (Payeer Rub)
      Автоматические выплаты: да
      Срок действия плана: 20 дней
      Периодичность выплат: раз в сутки
      Кол-во выплат: 20
      Каждая выплата: 10%
      Доход итого: 200%

      СТАРТ Х20
      Минимальная сумма: 500 рублей (Payeer Rub)
      Максимальная сумма: 1950 рублей (Payeer Rub)
      Автоматические выплаты: да
      Срок действия плана: 10 дней
      Периодичность выплат: два раза в сутки
      Кол-во выплат: 20
      Каждая выплата: 8%
      Доход итого: 160%

      ПРОФИТ Х20
      Минимальная сумма: 2000 рублей (Payeer Rub)
      Максимальная сумма: 4950 рублей (Payeer Rub)
      Автоматические выплаты: да
      Срок действия плана: 5 дней
      Периодичность выплат: четыре раза в сутки
      Кол-во выплат: 20
      Каждая выплата: 7%
      Доход итого: 140%

      ПАРТНЕР Х20
      Минимальная сумма: 5000 рублей (Payeer Rub)
      Максимальная сумма: 10000 рублей (Payeer Rub)
      Автоматические выплаты: да
      Срок действия плана: 20 часов
      Периодичность выплат: раз в час (20 часов)
      Кол-во выплат: 20
      Каждая выплата: 6%
      Доход итого: 120%

      Посмотреть и принять участие

      Вчера отработал круг на Партнер Х20 (20 часов)
      Последняя выплата 20 из 20
      Date: 07.01.2016 17:38:32
      ID: 119828685
      Details: P27574506 → P48171**
      Amount: 300.00 p
      Comment: Payeer X20. Спасибо за Ваше участие

      Новый депозит на Профит Х20
      Дата операции: 08 Янв 2016 14:50
      ID операции: 120080164
      Тип операции: перевод
      Статус: выполнен
      Сумма списания: 2000.0 p
      Сумма получения: 2000.00 p
      Аккаунт: P27574506

      Несколько новых рефских сегодня:
      Date: 08.01.2016 15:48:49
      ID: 120082134
      Details: P27574506 → P48171**
      Amount: 5.60 p
      Comment: Payeer X20. Спасибо за Ваше участие

      Date: 08.01.2016 15:55:23
      ID: 120082650
      Details: P27574506 → P48171**
      Amount: 9.90 p
      Comment: Payeer X20. Спасибо за Ваше участие


      Посмотреть и принять участие
    • By bestvotesite
      I'm not Admin!!! :wub: In futures market, we take advantage of 50 times of leverage trading, which means that investor can purchase future contract of 50 bitcoins (referring to 50 times of lever) with only one bitcoin. The futures is expanded by 50 times compared with profits of cash commodity. For example, purchase one bitcoin of cash commodity and 50 bitcoins of futures with one bitcoin; suppose the price of cash commodity and futures has increased by 100%, thus the cash commodity earns one bitcoin while the futures earn 50 bitcoins achieving huge and stable profits. During the several years in the past, we have accumulated huge amount of wealth and experience. In the future, we will acquire greater profits while keeping rapid growth. We are willing to share with you about our precious experience for that we can only acquire huge market share in the way of stock cooperation with support from you and shareholders. We will expand business scope of trustbtcbank. With explosion of bitcoin industry, we will establish bitcoin loan company and regard bitcoin as standard for value assessment to make capital loan, and enter into financial market with huge amount of profits. Investment Plans :wub: PLAN I 400% after 1 day 30$ - 299$ Profit: 300% Accept : PM,Bitcoin,Payeer,Okpay PLAN II 1300% after 2 days 300$ - 2,999$ Profit: 1200% Accept : PM, Bitcoin,Payeer,Okpay,Bankwire PLAN III 6100% after 3 days 3,000$ - 29,999$ Profit: 6000% Accept : PM,Bitcoin,Payeer,Okpay,Bankwire Join Here: TrustBtcBank.com
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