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2% daily for 300 days

I am not the Admin. remember ad2milion or 10dollarwonder ? Now you have Pnenow with the same script!

Pnenow is an advertising company. Every time you purchase a $20 position, your ad will be placed on our rotation list and earn 10 credits towards your advertising. Your ad will be effectively displayed to our members. You will receive the same services that are offered at other advertising companies, but without paying outrageous fees.

In addition to the advertising:

Positions purchased before 09/15/13 will mature at 300 times_cycle (which is 3 times)

Positions purchased from 09/16/13 to positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 200 times_ cycle (which is 2 times)

Positions purchased after positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 150 times_cycle (which is 1.5 times)

Positions will cycle and earn 2% daily starting on the grand opening date of 09/10/13

Earn 10% from all of your referrals

Previous Ad2Million members can earn more - every one pnenow position ($20) will renew one ad2m position ($10) and will cycle and mature at 75 times_cycle (which it is 1.5 times)

Earnings example: If you buy 5 positions ($100 value), there will 5 additional ad2m position ($50 value). When all 10 positions mature, the total value will be $600+$75= $675

Or use calculator on the website:)

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step#1, join as a FREE member.

Step#2, login to the member area and purchase your advertising positions.

Step#3, You will be credited $2 commission from each new purchase position and $0.2 bonus commission from each re-purchase position of your direct referrals. You can withdraw your earnings, re-purchase more advertising positions, or both.


Would love to have you join me in pnenow


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Good news for all egopay users !

EgoPay is now ready. However, your EgoPay positions may take a few hours to post to your account. We are still working on the position auto booking. If you purchase with SolidTrustPay, your SolidTrustPay positions are posted automatically by our sytem.

Ad2m positions renew extended to 10/05/13;

Ad2m positions renew is extended to 10/05/13. Which it will allow those members using EgoPay have more time make purchase. Act now to take advantage of great promotion offers


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