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Can I easily play and win with online gambling?

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The thing is, online gambling on its own will not make you money, no systems, martingales or whatever else will make you a rich person. You may run hot for a while and win decent amounts of money, but in the end, you will lose; it's a simple math.

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Can you easily pland and win with offline gambling, what do you say ? I think it's just not fair comparison at all. It's very very hard and luck itself, you could win sometimes, just do not make all this like your constant habbit or something like that really. 

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Yeah, it is possible. If you play slot game everything depends from your fortune. But if you are a poker player and you have enough skills that increases your chances to win a lot. there a lot of poker books that can really improveyou poker skills. and experience ofcourse. Every game you will play better and better. Psychology books are also good for poker. I play poker pulsa online. And I often win. recommend it.

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