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How to Recover Gmail Password Without Security Question

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Losing or forgetting your Gmail password is not a wonderful experience as you lose the access to your account as well as with that, you lose access to all the info and contacts too. However his does not indicate that you cannot get your account back. You need to follow a certain procedure to get your account back.

The google lets you to reset your password but for that, you have to respond to the certain security question you responded to at the time of creating the account. However if you do not keep in mind the solution to the concerned questions, then google gives you with various other means to reset your password. The methods are alternate email address and a mobile number linked to the Gmail account.

Lets Find How to Recover Gmail Password Without Security Question

Alternate Email address method
1. Visit the Gmail account recovery page.
2. Enter the username with which you utilized to access your Gmail account and also select “Submit”.
3. Click the box next to “Confirm access to my recovery e-mail”.
4. The google will send you an email containing the instructions to reset your password.
5. Merely adhere to the guidelines to set a brand-new password.

Mobile number method
1. Go to the google account recovery web page.
2. Enter the username you utilized to log in your Gmail account.
3. Click “Submit”.
4. Click on the box close to “Get a verification code on my phone”.
5. You have the alternative to select the mode of getting the verification code. You can either go with an automatic voice message or a text message.
6. Click “Continue”.
7. Get in the offered verification code in the provided area and click “Continue”.
8. Merely adhere to the guidelines to set a brand-new password.

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