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    • By infinitemlm
      Ambit Energy is a MLM company which provides electricity and natural gas, in the highly competitive fuel industry. Get to know the complete & genuine review of this MLM Company from here : https://blog.infinitemlmsoftware.com/ambit-energy-review/
    • By enayetk
      Now you can earn easy money daily $100 usd from ClickBank Affiliate Program or from any other affiliate programs, for example: Amazon, CJ, PeerFly, Wide Markets, ShareASale, Rakuten etc.

      Very easy and to the point step by step video tutorials for your better understanding and taking the right action.

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    • By Annil Chauhan
      Biometric technology is a secure and cost-effective method for online businesses to cut down on losses that they have to sustain because of identity theft and online frauds. With online sales and digital footprint resulting in investments ranging into millions  variancetv, businesses are always looking out for ways to cut down the flood of users with fake credentials. Biometric authentication gives the competitive edge to businesses in their fight against online identity thieves with the stolen identity and doctored credentials. 
      What is Biometric technology
      Every human being in the world has unique identity features based on their biological profile. 
      Biometric technology tracks those biometric markers to create a unique identity profile of a person that is nearly impossible to fake or forged by online identity thieves.
      How does Biometric authentication work?
      There are many ways in which biometric authentication technology operates but the kind of equipment required for biometric authentication, mainly depends on what kind of biometric information is being used for verification. A company using fingerprint scan will require a different kind of biometric technology to verify users. 
      The business that opts for facial verification as a source of identity verification is most suited to benefit from biometric verification. All it takes is to receive a live selfie or a live stream of a few seconds from end-user for verification purposes. Facial verification services will authenticate biometric features of the end-user with the help technologies like facial recognition, 3D depth analysis, and liveness detection. Some companies are even using a retinal scan for biometric identification and authentication but any such KYC software is not feasible for online identity verification services.
      Ideal Biometric Verification
      Shufti Pro is considered an ideal identity verification service by businesses across the globe for digital KYC of their users. Biometric authentication using facial verification from Shufti Pro is trusted for its real-time verification statuses and AI-based verification process. Fraud prevention becomes hassle-free for businesses when they incorporate biometric authentication services from Shufti Pro because of its RestFul API that does not require any additional integration programming with pre-existing software, applications, and web platforms.
      Online frauds are mostly perpetrated by fraudulent users by utilizing still images of unrelated personnel, claiming their identity for their sinister plots. Shufti Pro has 99.6% success rates against such facial spoof attacks, protecting businesses from cyber attacks with its innovative yet simplistic verification services. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms of Shufti Pro enables it to protect its customers from frequent attacks of users with stolen identities. Human Intelligence for KYC verification services of Shufti Pro further establishes the validity of identity verifications performed using biometric authentication protocols. Shufti Pro Back Office provides users with authentic proof of verification especially for facial verification where customers can see the facial images provided by end-users that were eventually verified or rejected after due application of facial recognition protocols. Facial profile of a user utilized for facial verification is more reliable and cost-effective method of performing a biometric authentication as compared to any other form of identity verification or KYC verification.
    • By Hy1pK1n9
      I found interesting program which i consider low risk because it pays logically sustain!

      Minimum deposit 10usd, minimum withdraw 1usd , INSTANT WITHDRAWAL ! 
      Deposit Method : Perfect Money , Payeer , Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin , Dogecoin
      Withdrawal Method : Perfect Money , Payeer , Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin , Dogecoin
      Referral Bonus :          4% for 1st level , 2% for 2nd level , 1% for 3rd level
      Scalp : [10usd-500usd] =  0.5% daily, principal return after 114days [ 90days weekdays payment ]
      Swing : [501usd-50000usd] =  1% daily, principal return after 114days [ 90days weekdays payment ]
    • By vigneshtech
      How long it takes to become an affiliate marketer?
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