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Cryptomonsoon - cryptomonsoon.io

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Signup link : Cryptomonsoon


Launch date: Pre-launch

Get paid in CMN token backed by our internal exchange

Sharing 75% of our revenue with our members

100 Free CMN token to the first 2000 members


Adpack: Stacking Adpack , Adpack 40$

Earn Upto 130% Per Adpack

Hold Coins to Multiply your Income

Earn Free Coins By being our Free Member

Most Sustainable Business Structure For Long term Investors

Referral Commission 3 Level Deep For ICO & Adpacks


Stable Token Backed By USD

Multiple Advertisement Packages

Billion Dollar Mobile projects in the Pipleline

Own Internal Exchange

Stable Revenue Sharing

Efficient & Quality Traffic

Affordable Advertisement Packages

Detailed Analytics for Advertisers

Payment  Methods: Bitcoin, Perfect money, ETH, Payeer

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How Cryptomonsoon is different from other Companies out there?

Cryptomonsoon is an advertisement platform which offers a different type of effective advertisement services for advertisers.

Compensation Plan & Need of CMN Tokens:

Our complete ecosystem works on CMN Tokens whether you want to purchase advertisements or adpacks you need to have CMN tokens to purchase anything.

If you want to buy $40 adpack or Stacking pack you can only buy them from CMN Tokens. After our exchange will be launched and trading will be opened on the exchange. For every purchase, the system takes the rate from Exchange for CMN to USD Conversion and process payment accordingly.

Why are we offering CMN to USD trading only?

We want to have our coin stable growth. We do not want it to be a dump when BTC dump. Most of the previous programs were destroyed because of BTC volatility and long term bearish trend of the market.USD is a stable coin so our coin will grow with stability. Moreover, for overall purchases in Cryptomonsoon, it is required to have USD rate from the exchange.

How This program is better than all others out there?

Cryptomonsoon is an advertisement project where we have contracts with many big companies. Apart from that, we are also offering quality advertisement services to our members like login ads logout ads and banner ads. Our services do not stop here as we have many services in our queue which will be launched in the coming months. We are working on youtube twitter and Facebook services.ICOS spend millions of dollars on their advertisement. We will offer them all quality services so that they can get good exposure from our end. In coming months you can also see Launchpad for ICOs to raise funds in ICO. It will also increase the demand for CMN Tokens in the coming months.

Listing, Potential and Growth of CMN Token?

We have been in contact with many big exchanges who want to list CMN Tokens on their website Some of the exchanges are Cex.io,Evercoin & Etherdelta but we will look into listing on other exchange later as our first priority is to grow our community and coin with solid supply and demands.In coming months Cryptomonsoon have many exciting news and affiliation with big companies like Adfly and Dailymotion so you can see a surge in growth of CMN Tokens. Deals are already finalized with these 2 companies. Implementation will be done shortly. We can not honestly give you an exact CMN token price in the coming months. But we are projecting and expecting it to grow up to 4-5 dollars in coming few months.

Why is It Important to buy CMN Tokens during ICO?

ICO is the best time to purchase any token at the cheapest price. Those who understand the potential of the project purchase the tokens on the cheapest rate possible and that was the reason our first round was sold under 17 minutes. If you missed first round you can grab in Round 2 at 2 cents on 13 Feb 3 PM London time. If you compare our projected price with the ICO price, it is almost a 100x opportunity.

I hope now everyone can understand the basics of our project. If you want to get more details, you can download the whitepaper from our website. I hope Cryptomonsoon is expecting to be the best project of 2019 and the coming years.

Join my link get regular update 

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