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conversion rates

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  1. Include as few fields as possible.
  2. Add a guarantee.
  3. Use tangible action verbs.
  4. Use testimonials.
  5. Clearly state the benefits of your product or service.
  6. Pay careful attention to your headline.
  7. Keep conversion elements above the fold.
  8. Use video to humanize your brand.

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1 Focus on your call to action
2 Experiment with Layout, Content, Style, and Functionality on Landing Pages

3 Track multiple page elements
4 Test the right visitors
5 Iterate, iterate and iterate

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Improve Conversion Rates
  1. Speed Up Your Mobile Site. If there's one golden rule of improving mobile conversion rates, it's that speed matters 
  2. Improve Site Design. 
  3. Use Attractive Images. 
  4. 4. Make it Easier for Visitors to Use Your Website.
  5. Implement Autocomplete.
  6. Use Product Videos. 
  7. Build Trust. 
  8. Use Urgency.

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