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Ruby on Rails For Startups

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Ruby on Rails is a framework for developing web-based applications. It composes of a development tool named Rails and a programming language called Ruby. Ruby on Rails is strongly associated with startups, as it is time efficient. As a framework, Ruby on Rails contains various ready-made plugins and modules that allows the developer to start building a web application without writing a moderate code. If we take a view on average, Ruby on Rails builds applications 30-40% faster than other programming languages and frameworks. Many startups face the problems of time constraints and low budgets but by using ruby on rails application entrepreneurs can save their money in several ways and it’s a fact that Rails has one of the most vibrant and active communities in the programming world. In Ruby on Rails framework special attention is on security as it has various security features which are built into the framework and enabled by default as it is a complex security assurance process. Ruby on Rails is not only all about the technology, but also about the efficient workflow and ability to create truly awesome software.  Mobiloitte works as a Ruby on Rails development service provider which makes the development of application faster with high performance which saves the time and money both. They use advanced tools and technologies to create powerful applications.

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