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What is the best way to record Google Hangouts Audio for Podcast interview?


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There is a “best way” and then there is a “cost effective way”. I do both for work pretty regularly.

The best way is to use a mixer/sound board running into a digital recorder. This costs a bit ($300) but it gives you great results.

  • run a cable from the machine making the call (we will assume PC) headphone jack out to a small mixer/sound board.
  • Connect the mixer MAIN OUT output to a digital recorder.
  • Connect a microphone to the mixer (for your voice)Connect AUX1 output to the MIC IN or LINE IN on your computer. You will probably need cable adapters to do this.
  • Send only your voice mic to AUX1 on the mixer. This way the caller hears your nice mic
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I use Movavi Screen Recorder and know for sure how to record a Google Hangout😂. This program is a perfect Google Hangouts recorder that can record screen activity with audio and convert the files to many different formats. Its intuitive interface will make you feel at ease with the functions and options, even if you’ve never done anything like this before. Plus, Screen Recorder is totally safe and reliable; many people around the world already trust in and use software from Movavi. Cheers

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