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Start October 11, 2018.


Smart Contract Address:


Investment Plan:
Get from 1.23% per day!
For each deferred payment day, the participant’s rate of return increases by 0.01% until payment is requested.

Investor competition
Every Monday there is a competition for a smart contract, according to which 2 ETH, 1 ETH and 0.5 ETH are distributed to the three wallets that have made the largest investments over the past week!

Affiliate program
Get 5% referral by inviting new members!
You must enter the sponsor's wallet number (0x70eF09D3C3776e5d0ae415081e093D96E234E4E3) in the “DATA” field when sending a deposit for a smart contract.

Distribution of funds:
- 84% remains on contract for payouts
- 11% goes to marketing
- 2% for technical costs
- 3% administration commission

The result of an audit from CryptoManiac: https://smart-pyramid.io/Audit.pdf

2.520006668889629877 Ether
Dec-01-2018 05:47

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