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NEW PaidVerts Passive Income no investment Bitcoin Litecoin Cash


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PaidVerts - Great Website for Passive Earning
Paidverts was one of the Biggest and successful Pay to Click Website in 2014.
Many people earned lots of dollars just by visiting Ads and promoting the site.
After the crisis that it suffered in 2016, PaidVerts has been relaunched with many improvements, regarding its way of operating
and a NEW administration: Marc de Koning.
PaidVerts has been reborn!
How to make money?
You need to have enough Bonus Ad Points to get paid ads to click on.
Bonus Ad Points (BAP) is the most important thing in PaidVerts and you need to understand Bonus Ad Points system clearly in order to make a good income from PaidVerts.
Bonus Ad Points (BAP) is the Currency in PaidVerts.
Remember: The MORE bonus ad points you earn, the MORE paid ads you will receive to view.
Click Ads, offers or play games you earn cash
Referral Program:
You will earn from every ad purchase, and every interaction they make with our advertisers. 
How much will I earn?
example: If your referral clicks on a $0.10 paid advertisement, you'll earn $0.005 cash commission!
example: If your referral buys $100 worth of "Bulk Ads". You get an instant $10.00 commission. And your referral also earns 310,000 bonus ad points. For which you will earn up to $7.75 more if they click on all their bonus ads! 
Minimum Withdraw Options:
Bitcoin: $1; Litecoin: $1; Perfect Money: $1; SolidTrustPay: $10; Neteller: $5; OK PAY: $1; Payeer: $1.
Register here:
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