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I'm not Admin.

Join Here.

Surf Ratio 1:1 Sites


50 credits bonus every month

Payout Upon Upgrade

Add 1 Site only

2% Referral Commission

Surf Ratio 0.5:1 sites

Can earn cash and credits


Earn daily 10% for 13 days

$0.01 Minimum Payout

4% Referral Commission

Surf 13 sites daily in order to Earn

1000 credits bonus every month

Minimum Upgrade - $3

Maximum Upgrade - $3,000

Add Upto 3 Sites

Cashout Daily!


Join Here.


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A Letter has been sent to the Admin., with an invitation to our Forum

and requesting that they add our banner and linking it to their thread on the forum.

so the members know where to get info. and updates and of course visit...


{This program has not been Researched yet... }

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Joined with 30 bucks here :)

Date 5/6/2009 16:34

Payment mode Account

Batch 14839849

To U8264329 (XS)

From U5739617 (Incredible-Earnings - Monitor)

Amount $30.00

Memo 10 Upgrade Units @ $3 per Upgrade Unit - Total: $30 - User: 19

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News updated 10May2009.

All payment was done fastly!

Finaly you can earn more extra money with our new solution : GET PAID TO PROMOTE your referral link!

Please don't forgot to post & vote when receiving money from XchangeSurf

Just one thing please read :

Its make me pretty shoked when seeing my account in MMG 'BANNED', they report for multiusers issue, i haven't create morethan one account before .. Maybe some mistake here; Don't worry i'm contacting MMG staff about situation and will make update later today

At less at this time, NO SUPPORT from me in moneymakergroup i have delete this forum from the rating page, MMG should be returned to our website when solving my situation!

Please continue posting in MMG and in all other monitors & forums when you got paid!

Regards, Jeff

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Have checked and no one is getting paid, so am moving to scam...


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Today received e-mail from Admin...

Please read :

Since friday, i have been in hospital, I have suffered from Menere's Syndrome which causes a problem which effects the inner ear, high tinnitus,

dizziness, big fatigue, vomiting and balance problems.

After urgents cures, i'm just returned from the hospital and i must be in bed for at less 5 days to avoid other Menere's Syndrome crisis.

For this reason i have been offline all this time!!

Please note thats : Members are already in profit! I'm not a scamer or frauder, isn't the way to close project when members are cloosers to invest in the 2 th cycle, its stupid to give up!

XchangeSurf are paying daily, have hot stats and i won't realy give up my project but 4 days with no input/output money and without my daily update and processing payment isn't good at all! I see already bad votes this will not help

I have 2 options to do :

1 - Cancel all pendings requests and clear balance, then add 4 days in our upgrade level and continue the project


2 - Will close XchangeSurf.com, create list of refund then sell the website, its a bad option but after 4 days of fails and a lot of negatifs posts and votes the project may have problem when restarting

Will update later in within 2 hours, and all your request are WELCOME to [email protected] OR just post in talkgold forum

Please be sure in any situation will keep your satisfaction..

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as promess i update again,

we have pay daily, we have done hot stats but my health problems and the bad reaction of some users without knowing my situation have cause this fail of XS


Xchangesurf is in pre-restarting, we have create list of refund, so you will get your money then you can re-join later to the new XCHANGESURF!

I will cover fee of ecurrency will refund 101% of your money

The money thats you have receive from cashout is not included in the refund ..

So the refund is :

Refund = Total Upgrade - Total Cashout

Total Refund = Refund + %1 of Refund

If you have buy 30 USD in XS and receive 12 USD from us your refund is 18 USD + %1 of 18 USD so is 18.18 USD

this is the great list :


please allow me only few days to process this list, then will restart all things!

I think you have read my last update no ? if not please do it!

THANKS AGAIN for understaning my situation, i'm not scamer, scamer go away and will never update then close the website!!!

Please trust to us

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