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WEENZEE-connecting millions of people in order to manage a cryptocurrency market

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The intellectual analytical platform recognized by such giants as Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, eBay and others, published WEENZEE among the top global financial projects.

Despite the fact that the WEENZEE Community is still quite young, its potential is already appreciated in the financial environment at a high level. WEENZEE has won great respect and attention as a stable and profitable business platform. Crypto enthusiasts from all over the world note the reliability and stability of WEENZEE. They also endorse the innovative approach and modern trends that are used in the project.

Follow the achievements of the WEENZEE project at the Similar Web site: https://www.similarweb.com/website/weenzee.com

Join the success of WEENZEE! Become successful in the blockchain market!


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The leaders of WEENZEE in Italy are back in business! A representative of the company Maurizio Pilloni holds regular webinars for all those who are interested in profitable and innovative projects.

On June 18, the topic of the online lecture will be the competent promotion of WEENZEE by the project leaders, as well as preparation for the large-scale celebration of the project’s first year of work, which will take place in Dubai in late November. Moreover, Maurizio will tell you how to manage your investment portfolio to get a large and stable profit.

In general, everyone will be interested. In a few hours you will get a lot of useful knowledge and skills that you can immediately put into practice!

The webinar will be held on June 18 on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time. To access the webinar, use the link: https://zoom.us/j/8115246095 

Records of previous webinars can be found on the WEENZEE Italia channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIXwF1RZf0pG3p7_SkEfMA. Subscribe!

WEENZEE - discover the world of cryptotechnologies!


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Dear friends!


Weenzee platform will reach 1million active members soon 🌟


❤️This achievement is the result of fruitful cooperation of our incredible country leaders and amazing Weenzee team 


👍We are happy that you have been actively participating in promotion of our project!




💡Weenzee gives opportunity to everyone to earn, grow and learn about cryptocurrency



🔔Join now! weenzee.com

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Dear friends!


🌟WNZ has number of advantages over other cryptocurrencies


When you open portfolio in WNZ you get +15% to your daily ernings

WNZ has stable rate which does not flactuates so keeping WNZ protects your investment

WNZ can be exchanged to 12 different currencies in less than 1 minute

WNZ can be withdrawn to 12 different currencies in less than 1 minute

WNZ is holded by 850 000 people

WNZ is accepted as a payment in 20+ different shops, cafes, stores all over the world

️Weenzee platform is a smart user-friendly eco system created and updated for you


️No other platform gives such opportunities as Weenzee does!


❤️Let's make Weenzee more popular. 


🔔Invite more people to our community!weenzee.com

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The theme of the conference, which is scheduled for June 20, is based on the advantages and investments of the Weenzee team of professionals in the blockchain.

Each participant present will be able to learn about the strategies and real-life cases of the Weenzee project available to new users. Team leaders will have access to the following preferences: “Partnership Status”, training programs and funding for events, as well as participation in lotteries.

The meeting will take place within a few hours. The event organizers prepared drinks and snacks for the participants. Please register as soon as possible, the number of participants is limited to 100 people!

Be sure to come! Here is the brief and most important information:

Date: Saturday, June 20, 2018

Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Location: 〒530-0014 akasaka-fu, saka-shi, Kita-ku, Tsurunochō, 4−11 プ ラ ザ 梅田

Looking forward to you!



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If you live in Thailand, then we have good news for you. This is where the blockchain and Weenzee conference marathon will be coming soon. It will be held from 27 to 29 June at the Chiangdao Good View Resort.

Professionals from our team will talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You will also learn how to make money on the Weenzee platform. You will have the opportunity to study our robotic trading system, which is based on the most innovative technologies of our time. Of course, everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to our representatives.

All events will take place a few hours, so for your convenience you will be provided with drinks and light meals. Check the exact time with the organizers.

Date: 27 June 2019 until 29 June 2019

City: Chiangmai

Place: Chiangdao Good View Resort

Contacts: MD. Oar (0944308919), Art (0828402671), Monalisa (0959155996)



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