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Genuine Online Investment: SurplusFunds

Invest and ear 13% - 200% every week.

All profits are paid directly to your e-currency account.

Minimum amount to invest is $1.

Invest Today.

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PLEASE READ the How to Post a Topic, at the top of Every money making Category... fixed your Title & Description... skylady :)
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Concerning extremely high % paid daily or hourly...

You know, I'm going to leave these in here and if someone has enough EXTRA cash to chance playing these High %...

That will be up to them...

We decided not to make the choice for them...

Just realize, high % like this, has never lasted long at all and most lost money...

Your choice members huh.gif

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No posts & no site - this is what comes up:

Network Error (dns_server_failure)

Your request could not be processed because an error occurred contacting the DNS server.The DNS server may be temporarily unavailable, or there could be a network problem.

For assistance, contact your network support team.

moving to closed

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