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johnny english

Hi Guys and Girls !!

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  • Thank you for your time and patience as this is what life is all about HELPING EACH OTHER !!

Take care now , bye , bye then.  

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It's less common to use 'guys' to refer to females unless you are referring to a group of males and females together. In that case 'guys' is an informal substitute for 'people'.
If you're talking to people directly 'guys' is acceptable, e.g. 'Hi guys!' even if some (or all) are female. In this context it means 'friends' or 'acquaintances'.
You wouldn't refer to a group of females indirectly as 'guys' e.g. 'Look at those guys over there'. You'd say 'ladies' or 'girls' or 'women' (assuming you need to mention their gender).
As a rule of thumb I'd say people use 'guys' when addressing a group containing males (with or without females) OR when directly addressing people informally, such as friends.
In a more formal or less familiar context you'd refer to a group of females as 'ladies' or 'girls'.
The usage of this word is far more nuanced than I ever thought...I don't think it used to be used when addressing females at all, but it certainly is more gender neutral now.

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Hello Adam etc.

Thank you for your email etc. I apologize for the mix up regarding gender therefore, when I do another post as I am British i.e Hi < is an American term and for this I will not continue in this manner sorry once again .

Anyway , in future when I post and use the title etc. I will use the term ( Hello everybody ) and in this way this will mean either gender so , I hope this will be accepted ! or indeed in opening a new post I will refer members as ( Hello Ladies and Gentlemen ) very British and polite in my own opinion and therefore, this will be put into ACTION from now on .

Thank you once again for pointing out this PHRASE .

Best Regards ,

Johnny English .

Well I mean he is English after all to coin the phrase .

Take care now and I am very pleased to be a part of this marvelous community really,really < as would say Shrek and I like Shrek !       


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