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Q-PRO-BIT LTD - q-pro-bit.ltd

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I'm not admin here!

Welcome to Q-PRO-BIT.LTD

Q-PRO-BIT.LTD, which represents obligations, and is liquidated as money for trade, and owned by legal entities. It is in the form of capital assets, traded in financial markets. Its market value is not based on the historical accumulation of money invested but on the perception by the market of its expected revenues and of the risk entailed. Natural capital, which is inherent in ecologies and which increases the supply of human wealth Social capital, which in private enterprise is partly captured as goodwill or brand value, but is a more general concept of inter-relationships.
Market regulators in Asia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States began to investigate the -a-day foreign exchange market after Bloomberg News reported in J that currency dealers said they had been front-running client orders and rigging the foreign exchange benchmark WM/Reuters rates by colluding with counterparts and pushing through trades.


4% Daily For 40 Days
Plan     Amount Spent ($)     Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1     $10.00 - $2000.00     4.00

5% Daily For 30 Days
Plan     Amount Spent ($)     Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1     $150.00 - $1700.00     5.00

6% Daily For 23 Days
Plan     Amount Spent ($)     Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1     $300.00 - $1500.00     6.00

170% After 30 Days
Plan     Amount Spent ($)     Profit (%)
Plan 1     $200.00 - $1000.00     170.00

500% After 90 Days
Plan     Amount Spent ($)     Profit (%)
Plan 1     $500.00 - $20000.00     500.00

SSL Encryption

DDos Protection
Licensed Script
Registrar     NameSilo, LLC
Created on 2018-08-20
Expires on 2019-08-20
Updated on 2018-10-10     

Accept: PM, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, BCH

Join here: https://q-pro-bit.ltd/

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Dear talk-hyip (talk-hyip)

We have successfully received your deposit $10.00 Payeer to 4% Daily For 40 Days.

Your Account: n/a
Batch: 683509987
Compound: 0%.

Thank you.

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Дата операции: 13 Дек 2018 22:00
ID операции: 695689135
Тип операции: перевод
Магазин: q-pro-bit.ltd
Статус: выполнен
Сумма списания: 50.00 $
Сумма получения: 50.00 $

Описание счета: Deposit to q-pro-bit.ltd User Hyipindustry
Номер счета в магазине: VW5TL46J45GKQ5OP6DDQ71Y5ZUJ19BOR

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