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How To Fix URL Errors..?

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  1. Mark all crawl errors as fixed.
  2. Go back to your report once a week.
  3. Fix 404 errors by redirecting false URLs or changing your internal links and sitemap entries.
  4. Try to avoid server errors and ask your developer and server host for help.
  5. Deal with the other types of errors and use Google's resources for help.

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Fix URL Errors

1.Server error (500)
2.Soft 404
3.Access denied (403)
4.Not found (404 / 410)
5.Not followed (301)
6.Other (400 / 405 / 406)
7.Flash content (Smartphone)
8.Blocked (Smartphone)
9.404 errors caused by Google crawling JavaScript and messing it up 
10.404 errors caused by faulty internal links or sitemap entries
11.404 errors caused by faulty links from other websites
12.The classic 404 crawl error

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