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johnny english

Perfect Money VERIFICATION problem .

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Hi ,

I am with Perfect Money as I reside in Russia i.e married to my Russian Wife the only problem is that regards Verification section with regards to UTILITY BILLS the only problem is that the property where we reside is in my Russian Wife`s name and all utility bills are only in her name and that I am not THE OWNER of the said property, therefore , any suggestions or not to this situation ?

With regards to the other Verification i.e I.D is that I have a BRITISH PASSPORT and that last Verification is a MOBILE PHONE which I can get but P M states that after the I.D and UTILITY sections are VERIFIED only after P M states to add a MOBILE PHONE all is then VERIFIED [ bummer ] 

Thank you for your time on this subject .

P.S I have in fact contacted P M using their internal help or whatever after submitting a ticket PIN and only after 48 hours they should answer me back with the above sections , also , I did send submitting a ticket that  I do once a month a BANK OF ENGLAND PENSION STATEMENT where I used to work many years ago addressed to me personally and I asked if this be okay as a Verification so , it`s case of waiting and that I am a member of DONKEY MAILS as Perfect Money is on of their processors as Solid Trust Pay is not good  and with Payzer is also no good .  😩   

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You could have used your wife's document. Verification process with online payment process is always a tough thing. Even with your own documents nowadays. I had my PM verified long ago and did not face any difficulty.

If your problem is not solved, then create another account with your wife's document.

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Hi there ,

Many thanks for this sorry I have been too long to reply as I have been offline anyway , the suggestion to use my Russian Wife`s documents well , bit of a sticky wicket I am afraid as she is a Former Soviet Union and a skeptic if I tried to do this ( BUMMER EH ? ) oh well , back to the drawing board so to speak but other wise , thank you for you kind help in this matter .

P.S Not only that all her docs are in Russian ( BUMMER AGAIN EH? ) 

Take care now !

Johnny English .


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