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Macros Capital - Macroscapital.com

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MACROS CAPITAL - Business in the mining, processing and sale of diamonds!

Macros Capital LP provides all of our clients with the unique opportunity to enter the highly profitable diamond market. There has yet to be any other company willing to share its profits with its clients in the way we are. We're dedicated to demolishing commonly accepted business stereotypes, since we know that working in a team, leads to a bigger profit and better opportunities.


Considered and evaluated the various schemes of internal and external financing company, we decided to apply the standard approach in the diamond business, and provide an opportunity to customers Macros Capital, to become our partner and earn with us. Only Macros Capital, you can purchase a high quality diamond and receive a monthly fee of 20% of the purchase price.

For example: to buy diamonds worth 500 dollars. now for 12 months, you will receive $ 100 per month . You will get a total of $ 1,200. Additionally receive 20% to 60% discount on all jewelry macro Capital! Essentially you get 11,6% net profit per month + quality faceted diamond gift

Affiliate program:

Our affiliate program provides our clients with the unseen before opportunity of making extra income by inviting new clients to Macros Capital.

If you consider yourself goal-oriented and sociable, then this opportunity is right up your alley. Simply spread the word about our company and receive 10% from each purchase made by your friends and acquaintances.

Our affiliate program allows our clients to invite an unlimited number of clients (referrals) and has no limits on the volume of income paid out, nor any time restrictions of any sort.

But that's not all! You can make even more money. Utilizing the power of network marketing (MLM), the Macros Capital platform allows anyone to earn passive income from new clients. Let's say you've invited a friend, who ended up being very active himself and invited another 10 people, all of whom purchased diamonds. Not only will you receive the 10% payout for each of your friend's purchases, but you'll receive additional shares from each of the 10 clients said friend invited and who then purchased diamonds. Oh, and the clients of those clients - you get a share of their purchases too. This continues for nine whole levels down in a hierarchy of passive income! In essence, simply inviting a single active participant allows you to fully recoup your expenses on your diamond purchase and make a considerable amount more.

Affiliate Program:

Level 1 - 10%

Level 2 - 3%

Level 3 - 2%

Level 4 - 1%

Level 5 - 1%

Level 6 - 1%

Level 7 - 0.5%

Level 8 - 0.5%

Level 9 - 0.5%

Level 10 - 0.5%

+ Additional bonus levels for active Leaders


- Legal business in the real sector of the economy;

- The company is registered in Scotland and Latvia;

- There is no pyramid scheme - the previous follow-through. All the money goes to the purchase of diamonds and their subsequent processing and marketing;

- When purchasing a diamond is a contract (Read online: Terms of Agreement.)

- No mandatory invitations;


- Bank transfer

- Perfect Money

- Minimum purchase / deposit: 500 - 560 USD

- The minimum amount for withdrawal: 100 USD

Buy a diamond and become a Partner Macros Capital!

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