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How to Promote News Website ?

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  1. Get your website ranking in search engines
  2. Promote your site on social media
  3. Sign up with a business directory
  4. Drive traffic through email
  5. Online advertising
  6. Put your web address on paper
  7. Put your web address on display

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If you want to promote your website first you have to aware people about your brand on social platforms like fb, linkedin, pinterest, twitter, instagram, these will help your website to promote. After that can go through SEO and PPC.

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Hi! here are a few tips to promote your new site:

OnPage Seo

*Use less competitive longtail keywords
*Use Meta descriptions
*Use Alt descriptions on your images
*Make your website design attractive for user eyes
*Use H1 and H2 headlines
*Create a blog
*Create a NewsLetter
*Invite your users to subscribe
*Reduce your loading time by using light images

OffPage Seo


*Use Social media
*Share your blogposts and news there
*Boost your social media with some followers to make it more credible. You can use IGetFamous for this
*Send DM to new potential users on social media
*Join discussions on forums and leave quality content and include your link
*Make a guestpost on sites with high domain authority.

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