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Click Fight | May 24, 2020

<<<The Attack of the Anonymous | The Main EVENT>>>
The Event will start on Monday, the 2020-05-25 at 18:00 (server time), and wil go on until Wednesday, the 2020-06-03 18:00!

Here is the story behind this event:
The whole arena of Clickfight is threatened (again) | They need your help! 
Fight against those NPCs and help Click Fight to keep the arena save. Maybe you can find a clue where they came from.
You’ll find those event NPCs throughout the whole arena.
Some will give you useful equipment and therewith helping you to get stronger at the beginning or giving you great rewards.

<<<Great Rewards>>>
All-in-all, those event NPCs will give you great rewards!
Useful for being one of the strongest hackers out there. 

Note: You can access the black market during the event! But shortly after the event the black market will be closed by the operators.
To buy the best equipment in the game you will need the Eventcoins - receivable by killing the event NPCs.

Therefore, don’t wait too long else you’re going to miss a great opportunity!
Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you.

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Click Fight | June 07, 2020

<<<Opening of Arenalevel 21>>>

You can now access arenalevel 21!
Here you'll find new NPCs and even more components.
There aren't any recipes for those components yet - be prepared for what's going come in the future.

Soon to come: Information regarding the usage of the components / new recipes.

Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you.

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Click Fight Update | June 13, 2020
<<<Leet Medipack>>>
Use the new LeetMedipack to get the advantage in a fight. 
Each Leet Medipack regenerates 2,500 HP, the normal medipack is not affected by the use of the Leet Medipack.
Each more HP can decide about victory and death in a fight. 

Craft the Leet Medipack now and get the advantage during a close fight.

To receive 1 Leet Medipack, the recipe needs:

20 Init;
40 SD-XC;
40 SD-UC.


- High level players have now the ability to delete Floppy Disks if they want to have a clean inventory
- Fixed a bug that cause giving players more than the max HP when killing Medi NPCs
- Improved synchronization between game server and main server.

Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you

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<<<The new BN-5>>>

Want to deal more damage than before?

Craft yourself your the new bn-5 and replace your old weapons to have an advantage in your fights!
As they can make you win your fights more easily, you need the strongest components out there to craft the bn-5.

Event Update
<<<Invasion of the hackers>>>

The event Invasion of the hackers is going to start on Monday the 2020-06-22 at 18:00:00 and will go on until Firday the 2020-07-03 18:00:00.
Don't miss out that event - you'll receive great rewards from the event NPCs and upon killing them the Eventcoins!

Use the Eventcoins in the black market to buy the best equipment in Clickfight!

Other improvements:

==>At the start of the PvP competition each player jumps once automatically.
==>Improved PvP Competition announcement text.
==>Improved the resolution of the firewall images in the inventory.
==>Mitigated an issue that caused players to be able to write for a short period of time in the chat after being banned.

Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you

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Invasion Darknet
Fight together as one big team against ever increasing waves of attacking NPCs. At the end of each wave every player that participated receives great rewards.
So try to get as far as possible during the time of the invasion Darknet. It's worth it!

In the Ivasion Darknet PvP will be disabled.

You will see a panel in the arena allowing you to jump into the Invasion Darknet as you would in a PvP competition. In the Invasion Darknet itself  you will see the corresponding wave and the remaining number of NPCs.

- Mitigated an issue where the cooldown notification wasn’t shown for jump up / down
- Reduced the frequency of synchronizing the gameserver date to the main server to reduce load. We are working on a long term solution

Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you

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Time to earn satoshi!

They are giving away 500,000 satoshis to the top 60 players!

The goal is to earn the most Credits! You'll get points for each earned XP. The player with the most points wins the competition.

But for each death, you'll lose 200,000 points as a penalty!

Start Time: 2020-08-23 00:00:00 (UTC +0000) - End Time: 2020-08-23 23:59:59 (UTC +0000)

Good luck and have fun.

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