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Grailum Ltd - bitboots.com

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The project starts on September 1, 2018


About project: 

Blockchain technology has fascinated us all since its origin of now many years back and are today only at the beginning being accepted by both many Banks, Company s and Governments worldwide. With a now exceptional amount of developers stepping in and contributing with their code part, 2018 seems to be the most fast growing path for Blockchain technology so far. Grailum Ltd. want to be a front-runner developing and contributing with new technology to the ongoing Blockchain tech and offering new services to meet the end-user of the future and make it a better place for all. Our trading secrets lay in our developed software build by our team over the last 2 years. We have been able to opt the code and now delivering a safe and stable income to any who join. The system has well proven itself and ensuring the daily ratings hold. No more watching the exchanges, glued eyes to the screen and making risky gambling on your own. Our BootTrader handle all for you. The BootTrader is just one of our many products coming your way and we aim to be your main source of all coin products you will need no matter its exchange, trading or just a stable coin-wallet.

Investment plans:

Level 1

1.1% daily for lifetime

Level 2
1.3% daily for lifetime

Level 3
1.6% daily for lifetime

Level 4
1.9% daily for lifetime

Level 5
2.2% daily for lifetime

Payment systems in the project: PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum
Minimum withdrawal amount: 10$
Referral: to 5%

About the server: 
IP Address - 3 other sites hosted on this server 
IP Location    France - Hauts-de-france - Roubaix - Ovh Sas
ASN    France AS16276 OVH, FR (registered Feb 15, 2001)
Name Server: NS1.GRAILUM.COM
Name Server: NS2.GRAILUM.COM


Our deposit:
Pay system :  PerfectMoney
Date:     09/03/2018 08:16
Batch:    227032407
From:     U1426715
To:       U15002040
Amount:   -301.5
Currency: USD
Memo: Sent Payment 300.00 USD to account U15002040. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. BootTrader Deposit.

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The amount of 200 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U1355114->U15002040. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. BootTrader Deposit.. Date: 22:01 02.09.18. Batch: 227001209.

I got payment:

The amount of 2.2 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15002040->U1355114. Memo: API Payment.. Date: 06:11 04.09.18. Batch: 227133678.



HYIP and AutoSurf monitor


Up to 200% refback


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