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Andrei Nik


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Today, I would like to share with you my research of JSEcoin, a cryptocurrency built for people to mine with their browsers, with the goal to provide you with a better background in order for you to decide if it’s safe enough to use their platform and to understand how profitable it can be.

What is JSECoin? (The basics)

JSECoin (JavaScript Embeded Cryptocurrency) is a new general purpose coin (beta platform was released on August 2017) that allows regular people and webmasters to become miners. Their main idea is to allow mining through CPU, as opposed to GPU or ASIC mining, which creates a trend for mining farms, such as the case with Bitcoin (enabling only people who are willing to make quite an investment to join the mining community)

With JSEcoin, it is as easy as opening your browser and start mining.

It is a great alternative to the classic advertisement model, as it does not disrupt the user experience, and it only takes a small amount of cpu from them (they claim mining takes less resources than running a video ad).

They offer two modes of mining: Self-Mining and Publisher Mining


With self-mining mode, the affiliate can simply login to the platform and go to the mining page.
Within a few clicks, he will start mining.

Depending on the computer and browser you use, the amount of open applications and other factors , the hash-rate speed will vary. It basically will depend on how the browser distributes the resources (CPU in this case).

Publisher Mining

With the Publisher Mining, webmasters include a javascript code in their websites, which basically will load the same functionality as for self-mining but within the visitors browsers.


JSE Coin seems to be a promising way to monetize our websites. Their system is very easy to use and their support is great. The project itself is very serious and I think they have a good potential of real growth.

Special requests

I hope you enjoyed and learned from my experience with this platform.




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