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    • By jack2019
      Hello friends,if you are interested to start your own PTC bux website and want to earn a lot of money then we can make PTC bux website for at very low price with in 24/h and we also provide free
      (i) PTC  Script
      (ii) Domain and hosting
      (iii) Logo
      (iv) Design
      For detail you can check our website www.customwebmaker.com or you can also contact us on skype or Gmail
      Skype: live:customwebmaker.com
      Email: [email protected]
    • By Warfare
      PTCShare is a hybrid between PTC and Revenue Share.
      It has the same owners as PaidVerts / MyTrafficValue (online since 2014 and 2011, respectively).
      Official launch took place on June 14th, 2019.

      Paid to Click (PTC)
      In order to receive ads, you need BAP (bonus ad points).
      1 BAP is the equivalent to $0.0005
      You can get BAP for free by watching the daily BAP ads, claim the daily BAP Bonus or playing the Click Grid.
      You can also buy Bulk Ads ($1 each) that gives 2360 BAP.
      The more BAP you have, the higher your BAP group = higher value cash ads you will get (they consume BAP).
      BAP Group 0 ........ 100 to 1599 BAP
      BAP Group 1 ........ 1600 to 12000 BAP
      BAP Group 2 ........ 12000 to 24000 BAP
      BAP Group 3 ........ 24k to 48k BAP
      BAP Group 4 ........ 48k to 96k BAP
      BAP Group 5 ........ 96k to 180k BAP
      BAP Group 6 ........ 180k to 360k BAP
      BAP Group 7 ........ 360k to 720k BAP
      BAP Group 8 ........ 720k to 1.5m BAP
      BAP Group 9 ........ 1.5m to 3m BAP
      BAP Group 10 ....... 3m to 6m BAP
      BAP Group 11 ....... 6m to 20m BAP
      BAP Group 12 ....... 20,000,000+ BAP
      The general distribution of ads (ad issue) is sent once a day from Monday to Friday.
      You need to view the paid ads within 18 hours, else they get recycled and you lose the BAP that were consumed. There is an upgrade to increase the timer to 24, 48 or even 72 hours.
      Recycle Upgrade
      Upgrade your account to gain priority receiving recycled ads. Every single ad that recycles will be issued to an active, upgraded user with available bonus ad points; until they've all received $1+ worth of recycled ads.
      TIP! Having lots of available bonus ad points increases your chances of being issued a higher value recycled ad.
      Cost: $0.05
      Expires after delivering at least 2000+ bonus ad points worth of recycled ads.
      Expected Quantity of Ads: 1-200
      Warning! You may receive up to 2000 low value ads. If you do not click on the ads delivered to you within 18 hours, they will be recycled again. Reducing your available Bonus Ad Points without reward, or refund.
      Super User Upgrade
      Super Users gain priority receiving the 10 x 1% ads that are created, and otherwise issued at random, with each new ad campaign purchased. So if someone buys a $100 ad campaign, it will create 10 * $1 ads that will be issued at random at the end of that server day. As a super user; you will get all of those ads! (Shared with any other active super users)
      Upgrades last a minimum of 7 days (168 hours from the time of purchase)
      Upgrades will be extended (adding 7 days), in the event that you have received less than $2.99 / $19.99 worth of 1% ads. This extension will occur as many times as is necessary to achieve at least the minimum delivery ad quota.
      1% ads are issued to random Super Users, at the end of each server day, for all the purchases made that server day.
      Your upgrade must be active at the end of the server day, when the ads are issued, in order to receive 1% ads purchased that day. If it expires before midnight, and you don't renew it; then you won't receive any ads for that server day. (Similarly if you buy your upgrade at 11pm; you will still receive the 1% ads for all purchases made that server day; even before your 11pm purchase!)
      You are permitted to purchase both Mini + Mega upgrades at the same time.
      Ad Filter
      If you'd like to prevent low value ads from being issued to your account, and consuming your Bonus Ad Points, you can buy the ad filter that costs $10.00 and lasts forever.
      Click Grid
      Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $10 or 100,000 BAP points that goes directly to your account balance.
      Each click will open up a sponsor’s site that you will have to view for up to 30 seconds.
      Cash Offers
      Get paid to complete all kind of offers like watching a video, sign up on an website, take a survey etc.
      Play the Casino Games for a chance to multiply your BAP.
      Note: this is quite risky.
      Achievements help you gather achievement points based on which you will prove your activity and value to PTCShare and as such be rewarded with additional cash ads sent to you.
      Referral program
      7% commission on their every ad purchase.
      3% commission on the value of their ad clicks.
      Eligibility for additional daily referral ad issue.
      Payment processors and minimum payment
      SolidTrustPay: $10
      Perfect Money: $1
      Payeer: $1
      Bitcoin: $10
      Litecoin: $1
      Link: PTCShare
    • By hyipanalyzer
      Hyip or PTC. I'll definitely vote for Hyip. 
    • By nathanq
      I have been working on this website for a few months now and can now say that i am nearly finished, after all of this work i think its about to pay off :)
      The payout is 1$ minimum through paypal There is 9 offerwalls and a clixgrid There is always online support via the live chat at the bottom right There is memberships that can be used and will give users higher payouts etc Also the website runs on SSD and has really fast template design If you wish you can advertise for a small payment,visit the advertise section of the website for more information -If you would like more information then please comment you're questions below or if you want to talk to me or a agent directly then please use the live chat on my website. **For the first 50 members that join will get a 20 cent bonus added to their account balance immediately** 
      Have a great day!
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