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Get 1% per day with ELDORADO!

Start: September 21, 2018
I am not the admin of the project

Languages: 20 languages, including English (EN), Chinese (CH), Russian (RU), Spanish (ES), Portuguese (PT), etc.

ELDORADO is an Global Mutual Aid Club. MMM 3.0. Works on advanced unique mathematical algorithms of Mavrodi brothers - Sergey and Vyacheslav, who were kept secret for 25 years. Created by a team of former activists MMM.

After the death of Sergei Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav shared mathematical algorithms. Combining them with their own developments and Blockchain technology, they managed to create a decentralized and win-win System of a new generation, in which restarts are not terrible, and all payments are automatically in turn. Financial nuclear weapons!

- Profit + 0.00485917% every 8 minutes: + 1% per day or + 30% per month.
- Referral bonus + 5%.
- 8-level leadership bonuses. When your referrals attract newbies, you also get bonuses.
- 1 level (ref. Bonus) - 5%
- Level 2 - 3%
- Level 3 - 1%
- 4 level - 0.5%
- Level 5 - 0.3%
- 6 level - 0.1%
- Level 7 - 0.05%
- 8 level - 0.05%
Total allocated for bonuses - 10% (bonuses are frozen for a week, if the referral withdraws the funds - the bonus is canceled)

- 80% refund when restarting (of the size of the balance = of the donation amount with all the percentages and bonuses).

- The minimum “contribution” is unlimited.
- The maximum “contribution” is unlimited.
- Conclusion at any time.
- Automatic payments.
- Reliable mathematical mechanism.
- It works directly on the blockchain.
- There is no human factor.
- Without registering.

Payment system: Crypto currency SPARTA (SPA)
- Site of crypto currency https://sparta.top/
- Cryptocurrency wallet https://wallet.sparta.top/

You can buy a SPA:
Directly on the SPARTA website through the built-in exchanger for cryptocurrency: https://sparta.top/
Through the SIGEN.pro exchange for various cryptocurrencies. https://sigen.pro/trading
Via SIGEN exchanger quickly and without registration. http://psigen.pro/trading/swap
Through the btc-alpha exchange for BTC https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SPA_BTC/ and for USD https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SPA_USD/

How to start:
1. Enter your crypto-currency address SPA and click "participate".


2. Send the cryptocurrency to the donation address.


3. The amount of donations is growing + 0.00485917% every 8 minutes, + 1% per day or + 30% per month.
4. You can withdraw at any time.

No registrations, payments - automatic.

My total contribution:
10 000 000 SPA (at the exchange rate at the time of publication about $ 8700 / 1.3 BTC)

Links to my donations. Transactions:
2,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/9252697672665458338
2,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/2525662855544189225
3,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/9195300388655374938
2,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/2604694831096639336
1,000,000 SPA - https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/tx/16486652884899738716

Join now, get 30% per month and change the world!

Welcome to the Club
(it is not possible to register without a referral link)


With my respect for your business.
My telegram channel: https://t.me/MoneyAlgorithm

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A round is a specific amount made up of member donations.

  • When members make donations, the round is filled up. You can always see the round fill-up percentage on our website.
  • After it is filled up, the round is closed and members from the previous rounds are paid their profits.
  • Round closing is also followed by the payment of bonuses to leaders of the participants from the previous round.
  • Then a new round is immediately started.
  • All rounds are different. In most cases each new round is bigger than the previous one. All of them are interrelated.
  • If the round is not filled up by at least 5% over the last 72 hours, a restart is launched. In this case everyone receives a guaranteed refund, and the new round amount is again small.


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With my respect for your business.
My telegram channel: https://t.me/MoneyAlgorithm

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- Round has started and has been successfully filling up! 
- Hurry up to be included in round 30!


Dear friends, round 30 is now open for filling up! 
- It will first incorporate all donations from the queue and then all new donations.
- You still have a chance to get into round 30 - so hurry up. The round will be open until it’s completely filled up.
- After round 30 ends, all participants who donated in round 29 will receive their profit. Leaders will also receive their bonuses.


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With my respect for your business.
My telegram channel: https://t.me/MoneyAlgorithm

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The system development is actively progressing
We are 90% done. If there are no force majeure situations, the System to be launched by September 9.
Dear friends, the ELDORADO launch is nearing completion – it is 90% done! If there are no unforeseen situations, we are planning to launch the System by September 9.  If something unexpected happens, we will need one week at the most. However, at the moment  things are going well – there are no reasons to worry!
The cause of the postponement is a huge load that was made on the System since the rate in the new ELDORADO grows every 8 minutes. To create the System which will operate rapidly and seamlessly, we had to rewrite it from scratch. And it was a success! After being launched the System will operate properly.
These are the conditions of the new System in brief:
- 0,00555556% profit is made every 8 minutes; +1% per day or 30% per month.
- 5% Referral Bonus.
- 8-level leadership bonuses.
  -- Level 1 (Ref. bonus) - 5%
  -- Level 2 - 3%
  -- Level 3 - 1%
  -- Level 4 - 0,5%
  -- Level 5 - 0,3%
  -- Level 6 - 0,1%
  -- 7 level - a 0.05%
  -- Level 8 - a 0.05%
- Total allocated for bonuses - 10%
- Bonuses are immediately awarded and grow at a certain rate.
- Guaranteed 80% refund upon restart (donation amount + earnings + bonuses).
- Minimum donation amount is unlimited.
- Maximum donation amount is unlimited.
- Withdrawal at any time.
- All payouts are automatic.
The new System is nearly here!
Dear friends, it will not be long before ELDORADO 3.0 will be born. It will be System which will change the world. Digital treasure.  Financial nuke.
Thank you for your patience and faith in our shared cause.
Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team. Welcome to the Club!

With my respect for your business.
My telegram channel: https://t.me/MoneyAlgorithm

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Detailed guidelines on all ELDORADO features! ☝️

Dear friends, we have prepared detailed guidelines (with screenshots and videos) on how to join the System, create a wallet, buy SPARTA, make a donation, withdraw funds, etc. It’s very visual and detailed. No more complexities. Feel free to use them! 🤝

See guidelines — http://eld.club/guides.html

We’re happy to help you! 😇
Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team! Welcome to the Club! 😍

With my respect for your business.
My telegram channel: https://t.me/MoneyAlgorithm

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Dear friends! How's it going? Isn't it nice to see your balance grow all the time? It is, isn't it? It'll grow again in 8 minutes. 😉
The System's doing good, so you should be in a matching mood. ELDORADO is continuing to grow, and today we'd like to share some more useful and interesting information with you. Here we go!
1. The number of users has confidently exceeded 2,000, and the donation amount is now over 3 bln SPA! 😎
It's indicative of the growing engagement of users within the Global Mutual Aid Club. New users join us all the time and make new donations. The System is stable and becomes stronger with each passing day. New heights are ahead of us.  Remember: together we're changing the world! 
2. You now have a very good opportunity to buy SPA and make money from price growth! 💸
SPA buying price is currently very good, set at the level of 3-4 satoshi ($0.00019–0.0025), and is hugely supported at lower levels. It means that the price has most probably “tested the bottom”, isn't going to drop any further and will soon go up. Buying SPARTA now is a good opportunity to make money from both percentage and price growth. Don't miss your chance! You can buy SPARTA on https://sigen.pro/trading/SPABTC or https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SPA_BTC/
3. We will soon publish rules of communication for official chats. 🤝
No worries, no draconian laws there — you only need to respect others and avoid spamming.
The System is doing just fine! Keep up your active engagement, make donations, bring in new users, build teams, make a profit and earn bonuses. All's going to be wonderful; after all, we hold a digital treasure in our hands! 💎
Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team! Welcome to the Club! 😍

With my respect for your business.
My telegram channel: https://t.me/MoneyAlgorithm

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Dear friends! Have a look at the calendar — it's exactly mid fall today. Each one of us has a different weather outside: the warm sun is shining for someone; cold rains are in full swing for others. However, internally, in our hearts it's equally warm because no rains can ruin the magical atmosphere created ELDORADO's successful operation. Here is some news for you:

1. We've received over 4 bln SPA in donations!
Back on Thursday, we told you about the donations amount exceeding 3 bln, and today it's already 1 bln bigger. It means that in 4 days the total donations amount has grown by over 30%! It proves that ELDORADO is doing fine: users join the System, build teams and earn bonuses, make donations and withdraw profits. It's wonderful, and it's going to be a lot better.

2. 100,000 SPA bonus for an active user from the @NCoin Russian-language chat for an awesome idea of bringing in new users!
One of our users has come up with an awesome idea he's shared on our Telegram chat. Here's the gist: this user makes a gesture of presenting new users with 100 SPA to encourage them to join and have a try on ELDORADO. Practice has shown that most of the users who join make new donations and their motivation to join is a lot stronger. This user says, “We have over 2,000 users on ELDORADO. If each of us gives some coins to at least 10 friends and acquaintances, we will have 20,000 and SPA price will inevitably grow.” It works, and we're fully supportive of this initiative and urge everyone to try it out. The @NCoin user who's come up with the initial idea will receive the bonus of 100,000 SPA. The coins will be sent to the relevant address within 24 hours (we've noted the address on the screenshot).

Those are the awesome news for today! Help the ELDORADO Global Mutual Aid Club grow. make donations, invite new users, build teams. Do your part — which doesn't have to be financial only. Invest your effort in helping our System grow. We will achieve everything you want then!

Welcome to the Club!

With my respect for your business.
My telegram channel: https://t.me/MoneyAlgorithm

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Greetings, dear friends! ELDORADO is doing great. To put it simply, everyone is getting paid! Today, we have more good news for you. Here we go!

1. The money box now contains nearly 550 mln SPA! 10% of all the coins existing today!
The size of the money box is the main indicator of the System doing wonderfully. The money box is the System's cryptocurrency address where donations are sent and payments are made from. On ELDORADO, the money box is always growing in size. Firstly, it's because users donate more than they withdraw.  Secondly, it's because SPA forging is enabled for the money box and its reserves are growing, too. Link to the money box — https://blockchain.sparta.top/#/address/SPA13M4ezSHAEVG8v6rdH

2. The possibility of joining the System without a referral link is now open for you!
Anyone who feels like it can now join ELDORADO without looking out for a leader. Just navigate to the website, enter your address and start donating. It's nice and simple. If you've been waiting for this possibility, act now!

3. The website will soon offer you online consultant services!
Feel free to ask all kinds of questions, request assistance with buying SPA, joining the System and being an ELDORADO user. Just use the form in the bottom right corner.

The ELDORADO Global Mutual Aid Club is continuing to actively grow. The System allows anyone on the planet to make a stable profit every 8 minutes and improve their quality of life. The more people we engage, the stronger we are. Make donations, invite new users and build teams. We're all looking at a great future ahead of us! ELDORADO is a digital treasure that will transform the world.

Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team! Welcome to the Club!

With my respect for your business.
My telegram channel: https://t.me/MoneyAlgorithm

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