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15 Tips To Generate Traffic From Social Networks

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You must be sure that in each social profile your URL appears, demonstrating a message or corporate image of your company. Remember that you must have consistency with what you say in the networks.
In each Facebook post, place your URL before, because when the text is deleted and the "see more" appears, they do not always display it.
Each content you share to make sure it is of quality and that it provides value for users.
Sometimes it is essential to create paid campaigns in our networks and when it comes to promoting what you publish is worth it, so this point can be very helpful.
On Facebook use the button to get to your website.
Each image or video you post make sure it is the size required by each social profile, otherwise, it may be negative and you will not receive the clicks or visits you want for your site.
Share content moderately does not be too much because you can become very intense in your social networks, be cautious.
Try as much as possible to have conversations with your users about your industry, that will create more confidence.
Make viral content for your networks, you will have great success with this type of strategy.
In each post, you publish you must educate, inform and be creative.
Create curiosity in each publication so that users are tempted to click on your site.
Always show interest to your users, no disappointments.
Do not buy followers.
Generate publications that cause sharing, not only the content but how you do it to your users.
You are the expert in what you do so you must resolve doubts to all your users, do not forget that they are your great goal for the website.

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