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Amazon continues to be the next big thing for Internet Marketing.
It’s set to make $100 Billion+ this year and you can grab your piece with ease.

Just Grab My Ebook and Video Course called: “How to Crush it on Amazon: Create a Brand and Build A Million Dollar Business in a Year” for FREE for 30 Days!

If you don’t like it after 30 days keep the book!

THIS IS NOT PLR GARBAGE: This as created by a Amazon Marketplace Expert

This is a $5000 course placed into what was a $247 Ebook and Video Course!

Why have an Amazon Business?

  • 24/7 Passive Income
  • No SEO Wait Time for the Big Results
  • No Pesky Clients
  • No Affiliate Marketing
  • No Cheap Tricks

Even if the brand you care becomes moderately successful at best you can sell the business for FOUR TIMES What it is Worth!

How long have you been interested in Internet Marketing? Nothing you do seem to work?

If you put a private label product in Amazon and just do the bare minimum of steps this manual guide teaches you can make a profit. In 2014, I hadn’t even perfected my method and in 6 months I made $3450 as a complete newbie.

Now my students make that much in just the first 30 days of their product being live on Amazon!

One has even made 6 times that much! (For further Proof/Screenshots See My Introductory Video on Any of the Sites below)

This Course Will Teach You:

The Only Four Things that Matter on Amazon
How to Kick Start Reviews on Your Product
Listing Optimization Secrets
Keyword Strategies to Compete with the Leading Products
How to Utilize Amazon PPC

It Doesn’t Stop There…

How to Negotiate with a Supplier
Additional Blogs for Guidance
Numbers You Will Need to Achieve to Succeed
Want to Look for in a Product
Even Give you the Weaknesses with the Business and How to Counter Them

Already an Amazon Seller!

This course will also teach you how to :
Perfect your Bullet Points
Stand Out from the Crowd
Price for Continuous Sales
Build Your Email List Using Twitter and Facebook

Just go the Udemy.com link below and see my reviews!!

Free Coaching

On top of all this knowledge you can even receive free coaching from me even if you cancel before the end of the 30 days!

So What Are You Waiting For Act Now!

Skillshare: http://skl.sh/2oSWGtb (30 Day Free Trial):
Udemy: (See my Over 1000 Reviews):
Teachable (One Payment of $9):
Here is My Medium Profile: https://medium.com/@Jon_Bowser

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I created the course because most sellers start the journey extremely optimistic with a distorted view of how competition is on Amazon. They think simply picking a product in the Top 100, promoting it to a few friends, and turning on Facebook ads will turn them into overnight sensations. After all, this is what they were told would happen after all the instructional YouTube videos, Udemy courses, and books. This is not the case. 
My course fixes this issue in an easy REPEATABLE WAY.

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 Question I got in DM: Is this course up-to-date with Amazons recent rules about incentivized reviews? 
 My Answer: This course is up-to-date with Amazons latest review rules

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 Question I got in DM:  Is there an OTO? 
 My Answer:   The video course is even more straightforward than the book and gives step-by-step instructions in layman's terms. My most successful students have used a combination of my book and the video course to recreate success.

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Question I got in DM:  How much is required to start? 
 My Answer:  I always recommend starting with 1,500 (1000 for product, 500 for ad cost and shipping). But you can get started with as low as $500 with the right product (explained in the course)  NO MONEY right now, I STILL SUGGEST BUYING THIS COURSE. The principles taught in this course will assist anyone who plans on doing eCommerce now or in the future. You can also translate some of these techniques on other eCommerce platforms like Sears, Buy.com, and Ebay.com.

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