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The Power of Utilizing in Forex

Utilizing gives you the ability to use something small to control something big. This is a loan money provided by a forex broker, presented with the use of a ratio, for example, 1: 100 or 1: 500.

Say for example you have $ 100 in your trading account. With 1: 100 leverage, you can control $ 10,000, increasing your trading power.

But a word of caution. Although leverage can increase your profit potential, it can also strengthen your loss potential. So you have to use it wisely.

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The results of the demo contest "Chasing Mavericks" for July

Dear clients,

The next stage of the "Chasing Mavericks" contest is over!
Congratulations to the winners! And we wish everyone else the victory in the next stage of the contest!

1. Muhamad Shariff Bin Abdul Latif - Malaysia - $584 461.57 

2. Alessandro Venturelli - Italy - $413 001.12 

3. Novikov Sergey - Ukraine - $121 228.35 

4. Santosh Mandal - India - $119 277.53 

5. Fabrizio - Venezuela - $116 507.24 

6. Kaluarachchige Sajeeva Thushara - Sri Lanka - $106 092.34 

7. HaPeace - Malaysia - $30 961.99 

8. Alireza Abbasi - Romania - $28 913.70 

9. Predrag Becic - Serbia - $24 310.00 

10. Sello - South Africa - $14 567.54 

The winners will be awarded prizes today and can take part in the next stage of the competition already. And it is possible to conquer the top again!

Best regards, Atirox Team

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Expand your trading capacity with our latest offer with a deposit of at least $ 15 in your Micro, Classic or Fix trading account. Open to new and existing clients, this bonus aims to take their trading to an entirely new level.

WELCOME BONUS $ 60 is available for trading in 30 days. After this period, profits derived from bonus trading will be available for withdrawals and for further trading.

What are you waiting for? Get your bonus now!


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