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I Am Not Admin/Owner Of The Project!

This Thread Is Created For Information.


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Everyone knows that people can earn a large sum of money from the stock exchange. Even such popular brands as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Coca-Cola are closely related to the stock exchange. You can trade shares of these companies. It is common knoledge that stock market can generate a profit, but not everyone knows that a lot of money was earned with automated trading system.


Investment Plans:
7% Daily (0.2917% Hourly) For 20 Days; 10% Daily (0.4166% Hourly) 18 Days; 180% After 18 Days &

Min Spend: $10

Withdrawal: Instant

Referral:  5%

Accept: Perfect Money ; BitCoin ; Payeer ; Ethereum



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Our investment:
Date : 07/17/2018 09:28
From/To Account : U17781213
Amount : -165.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 221350982
Memo :  Shopping Cart Payment. User 19587

Payment received:
Date : 07/17/2018 16:35
From/To Account : U17781213
Amount : 4.80
Currency : USD
Batch : 221390486
Memo :  API Payment.
Payment ID : 56839

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Instant Paying:

The amount of 12.76 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U17781213->U4603107. Memo: API Payment..
Date: 13:09 18.07.18. Batch: 221467376.

2018/07/18: 19:47:49    BTC    0.00102000    Completed
TxId: 413b497024f69fda4257196a006637a4b4f43a0baa66d7870650526c431d859d
Date: 2018/07/18 19:47:49
Symbol: BTC
Quantity: 0.00102000
Address: 1Mb4NgdrRXdcZt6gHXkp1gnyzhLMdETVyw

Thanks admin

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