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How do you maintain your backlinks??

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One of the easiest ways to build back links is to convert content that is already on your site to a different platform or media type. For example, many websites contain blogs where content is implemented regularly. Here are a few other ways to build good back links to your site:

  • Another great way to gain back links is to take this content and convert it into another form and host this “new content” on another site with a link back to yours.
  • It is often best to find particular keywords that you rank for in the top five pages of Google and generate content that will link back to that particular page.
  • You can convert your content into an audio file and host in on Sound cloud.
  • Make an info graphic explaining a certain concept and host it on flicker, or make a slideshow of your content and host it on Slide share. Each of these sites will host your content with a link to your site.

To take this strategy a step further, use all this new content you have created to reach out to bloggers and provide them with your content as a guest post. If the blogger accept, they will host your content on their site with a link back to your site.

Managing Your Own Content

If you are going to do this yourself, either purchase a tool or look for sites with clustered content and far too many links. Links to your site in comments, sites that are set up for links, links from foreign countries not related to your content, etc. This is usually a dead giveaway of a bad back link. To get rid of these links, either message the user or perform a link disavow. 

More Back linking Ideas!

Another way to strengthen your back linking profile would be to purge yourself of the negative back links. With Google Webmaster Tools it is easy enough to find out who is linking back to you. It is never a bad idea to download a list of these links and check the linking sites for a high spam score. If the spam score of a site is high, Google will consider this a negative back link. 

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