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Python/Django developers - freelance or company?

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Hello folks, I need a Python/Django developers and I'm not a tech person(but I have a basic understanding). So which are main criteria? Is it better to hire freelancers or dev company?

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I 'd prefer a company. More Guarantees
1. You need a proper Job Description
2. Interviewing the candidates - When structuring your interview, spend time figuring out which questions you want to ask. Good programmers love to learn and need to be using great tools, so it’s critical that you make it clear that your workplace will provide this.
3. Project Assignment or Skill Test: After the initial interview, be sure to assign relevant test projects to your candidates. You need to understand their communication skills, and whether they can back up their claims of expertise, and this is not something you’ll be able to do without a test project. Check whether the developers know the best practices, guidelines and whether they make any attempt to go through the best available code to improve their code. Test your applicants.
And I can recommend you to take a look at this article 
Hope it will help =)

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Some time ago I've written about how to find and hire python/django software development company 🔺 And in addition to the previous post I want to explain why Django is one of the top frameworks for web development and why is it so popular among developers and business owners. 

Let’s review the reasons why so many applications and features are being developed with Django. I’ll be brief:
1. It is simple
2. Works on Python
3. Has many useful features and extras to simplify development
4. Time-effective
5. Suits any kind of project
6. DRY and KISS compliant
7. Secure and up-to-date
8. Backward-compatible
9. Compatible with DevOps
10. Has its own infrastructure
11. Has a REST framework for building APIs
12. Time-tested
13. Has a big, supportive, and professional community

If you want to find extra info I can recommend you to take a look at this article Why Django is the Best Web Framework for Your Project

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