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Best Blockchain Examples Shaping Our World

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Everyone knows that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, dash, and ripple are the entry-points to the blockchain world. Blockchain technology is professionally assisting innovators for developing solutions in manufacturing, retail, supply chain, pharmaceutical, healthcare, transportation, real estate, government and more.

List of some popular firms that stand out in the blockchain world:

Supply Chain:



They are hugely investing resources which could assist to solve cross-border supply chain problems. IBM’s shared ledger can provide real-time traceability and transparency. Their digital ledger is offering ways for the shipping companies to optimize their supply chain tasks.                       


The project uses blockchain to support financial and supply chain systems. Firms will be able to buy blockchain registered assets and connect their ERP solutions to the Hijro Trade Asset Marketplace.


The firm wish to offer service to customers with global supply chains. Businesses would be able to use SkuChain for their cross-border trades.              

The firm is developing a blockchain-based solution to secure traceability of certifications and other details in the supply chains. Provenance would provide a digital identity for every product.


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals:


The firm is targeting applications like pharmaceuticals, luxury items, diamonds, and electronics. The application would be able to verify counterfeit products, diverted goods, stolen merchandise and fraudulent transactions.

They focus on providing blockchain solution for electronic medical records (EMRs).


Gem is eminent enterprise level application that can connect to any blockchain network. It can work with Ethereum, Hyperledger, and more. They offer data store, standardized resource representation, access controls and Rest API.

   Financial Services:


The firm is developing smart contract applications targeting IoT, video gaming, and micropayment transactions. The users will be able to exchange value by using smart.


It is a bit-coin based cryptocurrency wallet. The users can buy, store and exchange bitcoins utilizing the ABRA app on their smartphones.


This firm in conjunction with Microsoft is trying to implement blockchain for marine insurance. They would assist marine organizations to better predict risk factors due to more up-to-date information.





It is a free online marketplace for trading goods and services without the requirement to pay any third-parties.


They can build custom mobile applications on the blockchain.



Transportation and Travel:


It is a ridesharing application that runs on the blockchain. The decentralized transportation platform intends to offer real-time ridesharing options for consumers.



It is a travel portal like CheapTickets or Expedia but built on the blockchain. By developing direct connection between travellers and service providers, Webjet could bring down travel costs.

Finally Blockchain technology is assisting with every aspect of the modern world.

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Yes, but to succeed in all those areas you need a really skilful software manager. It is the only reasonable way. If you would have some relevant strategy with IT products and know all the modern tenderness with software products, you can succeed in that dead. Try to visit the https://technorely.com/blog/blockchain-adoption-challenges/ to know more details information about the relation between software and bitcoin. I know that you can find something. I know those guys from their work with other companies. And the impression is very good.

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trading a small account is usually much harder because if you apply regular money management to it, you would risk max 2% which is just $10. The problem with that is that staying disciplined and respecting trading rules is very hard because the consequences of losing $10 are not that painful. That’s why you will often see traders enter a gambling mode when they have small accounts.

Although you can say that you will treat demo or a small account like a big one, it’s not going to happen; we can’t fool ourselves that easily.

I’d suggest saving a bit more money on the side until you reach a point where the 2% risk is more meaningful.


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