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What is better in case of management system?

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Well both are good and have their pros and cons. It really depends on a certain type of company you have and specific tasks which you want to complete with its help :) In my opinion you should pay attention on these things firstly, look through the specific features of every system and then make a decision.

For example, CRM systems are better in case of such things:
- it helps to put everything you need into one place
- it's a very scalable system because it's easy to modify and upgrade it later according to the needs of the growing company
- it provides fast and mobile access which is very good for increasing your sales for example
- it helps to reduce your general daily costs

On the other hand ERP systems provide:
accurate and timely access to reliable information and improves proper communication between units https://idapgroup.com/blog/crm-and-erp-whats-the-difference/
- it improves general speed and quality for the decision making
- higher level of security for the data, also its better organization
- reducing general costs for your business too

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