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Alexa Rank Is Not Improving

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    • By alex1155
      i need to improve my website and it is a classified website and i need to improve its traffic....last one year i stopped seo so it went down in ranking and now i am stating it again and need to improve the traffic. and also ranking so help me to get good traffic and also ranking.

      what should i do for both ranking and traffic.
      React Native App Development Services | React Native App Development Company
    • By alex1155
      I have website related software services,now i want to increase backlinks of our website.Please suggest me some quality methods to increase our backlinks.
    • By CashBuddy
      Hi everyone!
      Anytime I join a forum, I like to start a new thread with a neat tutorial in it.
      Over the past few months, I've been using HitLeap (hitleap.com) and Jingling (ipts.com) to "launder" bad traffic.
      Programs like HitLeap and Jingling generally provide pretty shitty traffic.  Not always, but most of the time.  You certainly can't send that traffic to a website with ads on it - or you'll get into a bit of trouble with your ad networks.
      So, instead, I will "launder" that traffic through AdXchanger (adxchanger.com).  Here's how it works:
      I send all of my Hitleap and Jingling traffic to AdXchanger.  For every hit I send to them, they send the same amount of traffic to the URL I provide them with.
      Around 90% of the traffic AdXchanger sends is real (non-proxy) traffic that's accepted by ad networks.
      So, that's essentially how I've been getting a bunch of traffic to my websites and earning more money from ads.
      Anyway, I'm glad to be here and look forward to sharing more posts!
    • By basantiraletta
      I want to know how blog help in generate traffic on website. Because many Digital Agencies in Mumbai
      create blog for generate and increase traffic on website for improve website ranking on SERP.
      Share your view
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