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Hi to All,

I am Gaurav Kumar, Man behind easkme.com. Professional  blogger, internet entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. I have started my blogging journey in 2013 and it took me few months from become 0 to hero. 

Now, I am proudly running easkme.com and writing about various things which can help people to improve their business and life.

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I’ve been playing with a heap of gadgets lately, prepping for a gadget-centric round-up that we’ll host on the website in the next month or so. Among the many products that I’ve been testing are more than a half-dozen portable Bluetooth speakers. Of those, one in particular stands out not only for its great sound quality and its sleek shape, but for the simple fact that it serves your tunes with a side of a light show. The JBL Pulse 2 black Friday, boasts voice assistant integration, syncing with Siri and Google Now; offers wireless Bluetooth streaming; takes calls with the touch of a button; fills a room with crisp, clean and loud sound; is splash-proof (you can clean it under running tap water, for example, just don’t submerge it) and as aforementioned does all of this while boosting the mood and spicing up the atmosphere via its ambient lighting. There are 12 different light shows in all, from stationary-red, to slow-moving yellows and blues (for when you feel like listening to Sigur Rós or Enya), to dancing multi-color extravaganzas for when the music’s tempo picks up. You can easily adjust the light settings to your liking and you can even go so far as to point the JBL’s lens (yup, it has a built-in lens) at a color of your choice and the Pulse 2 will bring that color to life.

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