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Your Price is not a typical get paid to site.

I made it because I was sick of other get paid to sites not earning me enough money.

And no, this website is not existing so I can profit, it's existing so that you can.

If you signup, you'll notice how it runs using an entirely different concept than other websites.

You will earn $1 quicker on my website from no money, quicker than you would with other websites.


Links are worth up to 20 cents.

Minimum cashout is $1 via PayPal.

All countries are accepted?

No offers, no cashback. No money required.

Earn 50% of whatever your refferalls make forever.

Launch Your Price

Any questions?

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Is true this site uses a really new method of paying and advertising . You get money for real . I got . Also you get 50% of people reffered by u :)

So {Edited: this is someone elses Topic, no urls... Put your referral url in your Signature please...}

Here s the proofResized to 40% (was 1280 x 800) - Click image to enlargepaid11.jpg

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It must be very great site....But what I have to do for making money..Can you give the details and information...


How does it work? Well, Your Price has a unique currency called ycrows, that ensures that its members earn the most money, than they can from any other GPT website. It's designed to revive the routinely failing get-paid-to-view adverts market.

The sooner you join, the sooner I'll be able to setup deals with advertisers, so you can get paid even more.

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It sounded interesting. Could you please explain more about it? How are we supposed to earn from that program? Please provide also some payment proofs from you. :) I might consider joining it.

You get paid money to complete earning opportunities. Right now the only once available are for being paid to view websites, and complete free surveys. It makes you type in what's called a ycrow to earn your money, and in 5 days those ycrows are converted into money that goes to your account balance.

You can find some payment proofs here.

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