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Company OIL BUSINESS takes investment and makes the cleaning of water inflow in oil and gas wells in the Middle East with the use of Technology is protected by 2 patents
Participants Of The Project:
• English intellectual property (preliminary estimate of the cost of an intangible asset of $24 million or more). • foreign company (country: Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Sudan, Qatar).

The project is interesting because of investing in Iran if this does not occur, because under the Contract the Iranian customers buy our polymer materials for the use of Technology.

The funds obtained in step 1, create the production and a laboratory in the middle East, as customers for the Technology are many, for the problem of irrigation of oil and gas wells in the world = 80% of all existing (approximately 50 000 PCs.)

In our marketing pack has 3 investment, 2% - 3% - 5% per day that allow you to invest amounts from 10.00 to 100000.00 .

Time deposits from 10 to 30 days. The time of interest with the moment of opening the Deposit every 24 hours.

The accrual of interest on all deposits occurs daily. Payments on deposits under the conditions that occur in manual mode at any time convenient for you.

Each package its own advantages in the first and second package you will be charged % of the amount of the investment and at maturity you get back the amount of investment in the third package along with interest to you in equal installments will be charged and the amount of your investment, that is, the daily % profit SOLVIT 8.33%.

Each package razrabotan unique for each investor, you can start with small amount and grow, or just start with the larger and make good money.

2% per day for 10 days, 
3% per day for 20 days, 
8.33% per day for 30 days

20%    on 10 days    every 24 hours    10.00    100.00
60%    on 20 days    every 24 hours    101.00    1000.00
149.9%    on 30 days    every 24 hours    1001.00    100000.00

In our project presents a system of compensation consisting of:
1 LEVEL    7%
2 LEVEL    5%
3 LEVEL    3%

PerfectMoney, Payeer,  Advcash,  YandexMoney,  Qiwi,  CreditCard,  Bitcoin,  Ethereum,  Dogecoin, Bitcoincash

Date : 2018-05-14 07:27:35
From/To Account : U686541081407
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Transaction Name : INNER_SYSTEM


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AdvCash. На ваш счет зачислены средства. ID транзакции: f2f33353-e129-4d58-9997-7e08bcfa3113. Сумма: +6.00 USD. Комиссия: 0.00 USD. Дата время: 17.05.2018 12:52. Тип перевода: Перевод внутри системы. Статус: Выполнен. Отправитель: [email protected]

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