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MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

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I'd seen offers by one of the MLMs out there that seem to present themselves as a partner to one of the Baby Bells and providing ISP services. I'm skeptical of MLMs anyway, and wonder if they could really have the expertise to manage telecom or internet 'back room' operations. Or if their strongest aspect is their marketing and once signed on, it's 'cross your fingers and hope for a decent connection'?

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate. 

I didn't find right solution on the internet.Reference:
Promo video production company


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MLM is a Multi level marketing. It consists different levels like :

1. Rainbow MLM

2. Binary MLM

3. Matrix MLM

they all have their own merits and demerits.

In, MLM we have to maintain a chain only, then we can get a profit it is more risky. In which you can built your own rules and regulations. It is one type of your own business.  With, the help of MLM you can earn maximum Money in less time. Efforts need more in this business and you must have to maintain the chain throughout the business.

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